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Artificial Intelligence Week in Pictures

With IT spending rising in the MENA market to $160bn in 2019 and the Middle East potentially having $320bn worth of impact on their economy by using Artificial Intelligence, AI is here and it is here to stay.

World Economic Forum’s AI head on how to protect human rights without stifling innovation

Firth-Butterfield recommends that businesses and governments recognize the unique data sets they have access to and create an AI policy that best serves their citizens or shareholders.

Current examples include an effort to create a data marketplace for AI in India to help small and medium-sized business adopt the technology and an initiative underway in South Africa to supply AI practitioners with local data, instead of data from the United States or Europe.

The establishment of such boards at the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, and Google in recent years made the notion a quasi-established norm in the tech industry, but the dissolution of two AI ethics boards at Google in recent weeks has called into question the effectiveness of advisory boards when they have no teeth or power.

AI ethics boards should be independent, entitled to draw information from business practices, and allowed to go directly to a company’s board of directors or talk about their work publicly.

“[In that role,] I should have an observer role on the board so I can tell the board what I saw in the company if I saw something problematic and couldn’t negotiate it with C-suite officers —

The establishment of an ethics board or appointment of a C-suite executive to oversee ethical use of AI systems can be part of a broader strategy that helps businesses protect human rights without stifling innovation, she added.

“We’re also advising that [companies] think about ethics at the beginning, so when you start having ideas for a product, that’s the time to bring in your ethics officer, because then you’re not going to spend a huge amount of money on the R&D,”

I think there’s a definite feeling that countries will probably [do] best to try and work together to solve some of these difficulties around AI,”

Setting Rules for the AI Race

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