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Artificial Intelligence, International Competition, and the Balance of Power

Artificial intelligence is a critical element of what Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, argues that artificial intelligence is so important to the future of power that the United States needs a national strategy on artificial intelligence, just as it had one for the development of space technology during the Cold War. Elon Musk, the head of Tesla and SpaceX, has even said that growth in artificial intelligence technology, left unchecked, could risk sparking World War III. These statements suggest that artificial intelligence will have a large and potentially deterministic influence on global politics and the balance of power.Read the Full Article at the Texas National Security Review

Artificial Intelligence 2019 - Background Readings

This collection of reading materials was created to prepare participants for the 2019 Aspen Institute Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence.

The readings articulate the tensions between AI and the principal societal values—liberty, equality, efficiency and community.

Tension of Values James O’Toole, The Executive’s Compass, Oxford University Press, 1993: Chapter 4 Values and Technology David Bollier, Power Curve Society: The Future of Innovation, Opportunity, and Social Equity in the Emerging Networked Society, Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program, 2013: 19-26.

Available online: John Naughton, “The goal is to automate us: welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism,”

Available online: Meredith Whittaker et al., “AI Now Report 2018,”

Available online: Karen Hao, “Americans want to regulate AI but don’t trust anyone to do it,”


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Setting Rules for the AI Race

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