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The rise of A.I. could hurt women's careers in a major way

One group that's working to encourage more women to pursue deep tech careers is SGInnovate, a network backed by the Singapore government that runs a series of STEM internships and placements.

Adam Edwards, business director for Singapore at recruitment firm Hays, added that employers in emerging industries could also start leading the way in reducing the gender pay gap by proactively seeking and training a more women.

He noted that those employers are often among the most aware and vocal about the business benefits of gender inclusivity and its 'positive impact' in creating opportunities for skilled women.

Digital Economy and Social Security Observatory

Such datasets are processed by means of cognitive computing and analytical technologies, which enable the management of varied data, finding correlations and ultimately generating predictive models to extract useful information.

births, marriages, jobs, housing, schools attended, medical care, and so on) could enable social security organizations to refine programme design and the assessment of outcomes as well as to adapt social programmes to an ever changing context.

A Global Conversation on Artificial Intelligence

Ethics and AI: can we have both?

Leila Takayama - World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Outlook on the Global Industry Agenda

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How can Digital Intelligence be Raised?

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