An Evolving IoT Takes on Operational Issues

The Internet of Things is evolving from concept to reality, and from technology to the way technology is used to solve real operational problems.

we’re talking about real success stories.” Amid the dozens of companies showcasing IoT solutions and the 18,000 expected attendees to the annual event are a series of juried testbeds that demonstrate the real-world applications of IoT data collection, security, and networking.

From improving crop production to developing a more efficient way to monitor and optimize natural gas pumping to improving overall manufacturing production, the testbeds demonstrate a few of the ideas that are being used today to turn data into measurable results.

“We’re focusing on the uses of technology, and that’s now driven from the business case.” “We’re starting to see some real metrics, not just from the testbeds, and the paybacks are great,” added William Hoffman, president of the IIC, which produces the World Congress in partnership with Fira Barcelona.

It’s such a big space, and the challenge is getting everyone connected, and then make everything interconnected.” Manufacturers often cite two barriers to IoT adoption: the perceived cost of implementation and training, and the security of the data.

MWC Los Angeles - MWC Los Angeles 2019

Though it has been a buzz word for many years, the Internet of Things continues to outperform the hype.

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It’s the largest international event devoted to the industrial internet and, throughout its history, has complemented its offering with other converging technologies that are accelerating the digital transformation of sectors such as transport, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, utilities, construction, infrastructure, retail, and agriculture, among others.

new feature of this year’s fair will be a specific area called IoT Solutions.Font, which will provide visibility for start-ups with original and innovative IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain based products and services that have already been tested in the market and with potential for internationalisation.

a solution to check gas distribution networks, reducing energy losses and preventing fraud, a platform that combines IoT, artificial intelligence and 5G to provide predictive medical care and handle emergencies affecting the elderly and chronically ill;

In addition, the 200+ sessions of the congress will be divided into nine thematic areas: IoT enabling technologies, connected transport, manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare, buildings and infrastructure, open industry, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

IOTSWC will also host several sessions bringing together female leaders in the sector to address why it is crucial to attract and support women’s leadership in the industrial IoT sector, as well as promotion to management roles and gender equality.

The programme of activities is completed by four technology workshops to provide deeper knowledge on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, digital transformation, connected transport as well as about start-up companies in the IoT ecosystem.

Finally, remember that on 30th October the IoT Solutions Awards will be held, an event which is convened annually and which recognises the best innovative technology, business transformation experience, success story in industries and the best testbed of this edition.

IoT (Internet of things) Solutions World Congress 2019 - Brokerage event

Since its first edition back in 2015, the IoT Solutions World Congress has grown to become the global reference and largest event for industrial IoT, where industry stakeholders meet annually to establish new partnerships.

Participants will be able to take part in 20-min pre-scheduled meetings to showcase their capabilities and identify suitable international partners for future business and cooperation projects. • When?

A selected set of Catalan companies and EMPOWA participants of the SME Instrument, will present their innovative IoT, AI and Blockchain solutions in 2 minute-pitches to catch the eye of interested industrial companies. • When?

Speakers from EU-funded projects related to ICT, will expose their open Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) calls to support start-ups, scale-ups, SME and/or mid-caps conducting small experiments to test their digital innovations. • When?

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