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Artificial Intelligence Platform Can Help Scientists Identify and Anticipate Cancer Development - Healthcare Weekly

This is the pioneering use of AI network analysis as a technique to evaluate the connection between common symptoms exhibited by a large group of cancer patients receiving chemo treatment.

Published by Nature Scientific Reports, this groundbreaking study showcases how the team of scientists employed network analysis, alongside machine learning, to examine the interconnection and structure between a group of 38 common symptoms often reported by more than 1300 on-chemo cancer patients.

“While these findings warrant confirmation in an independent sample, we believe that NA [Network Analysis] has the potential to improve our understanding of the oncology patients’ symptom experience so that individualized and targeted interventions can be prescribed to reduce each patient’s symptom burden,” says Nikolaos Papachristou, the Surrey lead scientist.

The power of artificial intelligence to adapt and “learn” from medical data gives researchers a chance to study and predict cancer on a whole new level.

And the data could be assembled from a diversity of forms and sources, including physical examinations, EHRs, medical notes, outputs by medical devices, medications use records, basic metrics, reported symptoms, laboratory testing, and even demographic-based assessments.

For example, if doctors can anticipate how breast cancer will evolve, they could take interceptive measures earlier to halt cancer in its tracks before it had an opportunity turn into a drug-resistant form.

Despite cancer mortality rate shrinking by a whopping 27 percent in the last quarter of a century, cancer is still one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare system and researchers alike.

Breast cancer alone accounts for 30 percent of new cases in women, while prostate cancer takes the mantle when it comes to newly diagnosed cancers in men (around 20 percent).

The good news is that artificial intelligence innovation has already made inroads and demonstrated a potential to reduce costs for providers as well as improve healthcare access and quality for patients.

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