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Special Topics Courses - USC Viterbi | Department of Computer Science

Special Topics are unique courses that are only ever taught once or twice.  The topics are selected each semester from recent developments and trends in Computer Science.  These courses may introduce new or emerging aspects in the field, or showcase the research and expertise of the computer science faculty and visiting scholars.

Undergraduate Special Topics courses are designated by course code CSCI 499.

Graduate Special Topics courses are designated by course code CSCI 599.

Doctoral Special Topics courses are designated by course code CSCI 699.

Students should meet with their Academic Advisor to determine if a Special Topics course is appropriate for their specific program of study.  There are limits to how many special topics courses/units can be counted toward a degree.

CSCI 499 –

Undergraduate Special Topics Artificial Intelligence for Social Good –

Bistra Dilkina Computing for Social Good –

Barath Raghavan Concepts of Programming Languages –

Michael Shindler Robust Software Design and Implementation –

Barath Raghavan Theory of Computation –

Aaron Cote CSCI 599 –

Graduate Special Topics Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems –

Jyotirmoy Deshmukh Deep Learning and its Applications –

Joseph Lim Hacking for Defense –

Clifford Neuman CSCI 699 –

Doctoral Special Topics Advanced Topics in Deep Learning –

Xiang Ren Previously Offered Special Topics: CSCI 499 Concepts of Programming Languages –

Aaron Cote CSCI 599 Advanced Big Data Analytics –

Minlan Yu CSCI 699 Advanced Computer Security –

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