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Artificial Intelligence – Elinar Artificial Intelligence AI

With ElinarAI, you will receive a full REST API for business processes and external systems to query AI and provide training data.

It also provides a highly optimized user experience for manual training data entry with an intuitive approach for both tagging and advanced document classification.

Model training takes place 100% anonymously as data is pseudonymized and significant portions of content are heavily changed.

In practice, it means that when we train the model in sales orders (SO), we are unable to deduce the following from training data: For example, which product was ordered, the quantity of the product, or who placed the order.

And in this case, simple classification means a fairly narrow construct with a few complex layers and 3-5 recurrent layers.

For example, AI that creates a security classification uses rather different topology from AI that needs to extract 40 different topics (like the reason for a complaint) from a document.

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