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Programming for Intelligent Web Services and Applications KIT405

In this unit you will learn about the advanced web technologies that enable the service providers to provide services intelligently and the user can use the web and other resources conveniently.

Such that the technologies covered in this unit include the information collection technologies (e.g., crawling and monitoring), the information processing technologies (e.g., index, classification, information extraction, and human computation), and the information service technologies (e.g., Web services, , search engines, ,recommendation and blockchain).

Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence 2nd Advanced Course, ACAI '87, Oslo, Norway, July 28 A

Andrew Ng: "Advanced Topics + Research Philosophy / Neural Networks: Representation"

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Advanced Intelligent Systems

Intelligent systems” is a term covering a group of rapidly growing scientific fields that investigate systems capable of gathering and analyzing data, processing ...

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Artificial Intelligence for Robotics | 1. Foundation for Advanced Robotics and AI

Artificial Intelligence for Robotics is available from: Amazon: This is the “Code in Action” video for .

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