AI News, AdTech, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning Conferences and Meetups You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

AdTech, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning Conferences and Meetups You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

It's time to catch up with the latest news from industry insiders, set up some new connections and expand your professional network.

More than 1,500 participants from the leading agencies, publishers and service providers meet once a year in Hamburg to discuss, network and learn at the top level.

The conference will focus on technical and practical verticals including use cases around predictive analytics, advanced machine learning, data governance, privacy, cybersecurity, Smart Home &

creating the next generation of smart robots The Artificial Intelligence Conference brings the growing AI community together to explore the essential issues and intriguing innovations in applied AI.

We'll delve into practical business applications, compelling use cases, rock-solid technical skills, dissections of failures, and tear-downs of successful AI projects.

not just the technology, but the deeper societal changes that will require a rethinking and rewiring of our business models and environments, our education systems, and most importantly our own mindsets.

Now co-located alongside stellar industry events Technology for Marketing and eCommerce Expo, ad:tech London is here to help savvy practitioners unlock the power of the latest emerging tech, spur opportunities for experimentation, and open minds to the future.

From applied solutions for corporates and enterprise to the implications of AI on society, including ethics and AI4good, World Summit AI will tackle head-on the most burning AI issues for 2018 and beyond.

Debate Hall | 13.09.2017 | 14.09.2017

Moderator: Kerstin Clessienne As the story of digital advertising continues to evolve, advertisers, agencies, and publishers alike are struggling to respond accordingly.

In an era of concerns about transparency, calls are getting louder to break down the walled gardens and let go of the various billing models.

We are looking forward to learning where in this digital trading business media agencies, technology providers, publishers and advertisers see themselves.

30 top conferences to attend in digital marketing, social, AI and mobile in 2017

learn from the brightest in marketing, advertising, IT and beyond.Link: April 23–26, 2017Location: San Francisco, CAPrice: $1395 MarTechWhy it’s exciting: One of the best conferences for understanding the marketing technology landscape — Decision makers figure out how to bridge the gap between MarTech innovation and adoption curves.Link: May 9–11, 2017Location: San Francisco, CAPrice: $59 for expo ticket Gartner Digital MarketingWhy it’s exciting: Well-defined tracks: Differentiate With a Customer-First Mindset, Orchestrate Multichannel Strategies for Growth, Leverage Technology for Marketing Advantage.Link: May 10–12, 2017Location: San Diego, CAPrice: $2675 Ad:TechWhy it’s exciting: Explore frontier advertising technology opportunities and meet fellow innovators, futurists and lifelong learners.Link: May 10–11, 2017Location: San Diego, CAPrice: $75 for expo ticket MozConWhy it’s exciting: Actionable sessions in SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, and more from MozLink: July 17 2017Location: Seattle, WAPrice: $1350 InboundConWhy it’s exciting: The #1 digital marketing conference in Toronto, where 300+ digital marketers attend.Link: Sep, 2017Location: Toronto, CanadaPrice: N/A Brand ManageCampWhy it’s exciting: Single track schedule of speakers, all of whom are branding experts;

over 900 retailers attend the conference to share insights and meet one another.Link: Aug 14–17, 2017Location: Boston, MAPrice: $1,599 Customer SuccessCon WestWhy it’s exciting: Speakers will share about the current state of customer success and the roadmap of what lies ahead.Link: Jan 12, 2017Location: Oakland, CAPrice: $395 Next Generation Customer ExperienceWhy it’s exciting: Understand how leading brands like MasterCard, Verizon think about customer experience in 2017. Link: Mar 27–29, 2017Location: Carlsbad, CAPrice: $1999 Call Center WeekWhy it’s exciting: One of the largest events in the customer care community;

How Businesses Are Using AI and Machine Learning to Leverage Events

As professionals across disciplines in the healthcare, retail and financial services industries embrace data-driven decision-making and begin to experience the power of precision available at their fingertips, more marketers are turning to artificial intelligence to improve the efficacy of many parts of the sales cycle.

Missing from that narrative is how much the human element remains necessary—in making sure the streams of data speak to each other, for tuning the data sets, enhancing their sophistication, giving them context and direction so they become tools rather than simply data.

If increased precision and customization of the buyers’ experience is the goal, it follows, then, that complex, task-heavy operations in live events organizing, which delivers end products that promise heavy person-to-person interaction, has become a ripe area for innovation.

Cvent, founded in 1999 by Reggie Aggarwal and headquartered in Tysons Corner, Va., is a cloud-based events management software platform that is perhaps the most well-known, and, along with general events management, provides specialized solutions for the hospitality industry.

Lawrence Coburn, DoubleDutch’s CEO, calls what they do “assisted serendipity”—creating and maintaining software that facilitates in-person meetings, making it easier for event producers and attendees to mix and achieve their desired outcomes.

Top Digital Marketing Conferences: 50 Must-Attend Events to Learn the Latest in Data Analytics, Marketing Tech, Trends & More in 2018

As companies strive to reach customers and make conversions, they rely on digital marketing and social media and the insights from their campaigns to make data-driven decisions.

From search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), to personalized email and video, companies are making use of digital strategies to reach people across channels.

Our top conference picks include those that are highly recommended by former attendees, that offer innovative tracks, and that feature marketing leaders as keynote speakers and break-out mentors.

A premier global event, the conference includes a trade show and multiple tracks of relevant educational sessions led by industry experts, a range of networking events, and online tools for connecting with others before, during, and after the conference ends.

The Alaska Inbound Marketing Summit (AIMS) welcomes business owners, marketing agencies, CMOs, web developers, content writers, bloggers, and others looking to make your brand stand out.

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit West is a popular event delivering crucial insights into maximizing digital ROI, increasing conversion, enhancing attribution, improving customer loyalty, and driving brand engagement.

Conversion Summit (T&C2018) combines thousands of the top marketers who come together to discuss new traffic channels, new conversion breakthroughs, new selling models, and much more.

You will learn all you need to know to implement an effective platform strategy and hear from top speakers covering topics such as real-time communication, user experience and design, app execution, and mobile ecommerce and payments.

This event is designed for experienced social media marketing professionals, and bloggers, video creators, and podcasters, but it also presents opportunities for those new to the industry to learn the latest techniques.

RampUp2018 is a top conference for MarTech leaders, featuring more than 2,400 global participants, 850 executive-level attendees, 25 panels devoted entirely to data and marketing, and 90 industry speakers from CEOs and CMOs to agency executives.

For one day, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in multiple learning tracks and panel sessions while gaining access to expert insight into the latest strategies and technologies in digital marketing, social media, content, user experience and design, advertising, SEO, and more.

Sessions include paid search advertising, search engine optimization, advanced content for experts, a beginner’s boot camp, and many other topics, solo talks, panels, roundtables, and clinics.

Sessions range from beginner to advanced and offer advice for scaling content, leveraging the right technology, repurposing and reusing content, and delivering content to the right person at the right time.

Held at the St. Louis Union Station in March 2018, MDMC18 features expert insights, networking opportunities for advice and consulting, 50 sessions, and top-notch speakers including senior analysts, marketing strategy directors, content strategy leaders, and more.

Ideal for mid to large enterprise growth and optimization people, CXL Live 2018 features carefully vetted speakers who are true practitioners and a fully-booked resort so that you have ample opportunities to network and connect with the people from whom you want to learn without distractions.

Cost to Attend: Tickets are all-inclusive and include full access to the three-day event, two hotel nights in the luxurious Hyatt resort, all meals during the event plus all-day coffee and snacks, the pre-party, two conference parties, and the post-conference party 23. NAPA Summit @NapaSummit March

Enjoy the Masters Group Training Workshop April 10 and then the multi-track sessions April 11 and 12 to learn the most effective SEO, PPC, social media, content development, social media advertising, local search, mobile, and video strategies.

Then, explore the full exhibition hall and take advantage of the networking opportunities and nightly events to get the information and insights you need to transform your online marketing strategies.

Two conference tracks at MADS 2018 include The Big Picture, creating the strategy for maximum business impact and influence and Getting Dirty with Data, leveraging tools, techniques, and methodology to improve decision making.

Experience the vendor-agnostic, graduate-level marketing, technology, and management perspective at MarTech to learn how to create superior customer experiences, implement effective marketing technology stacks, manage cross-functional teams with agile, lean practices, and more.

Join the best of the best in digital marketing, advertising, and IT services in workshops, demos, and presentations and then connect with partners and peers during happy hours and fun evening events.

Attendees will appreciate the need for mastering the science of marketing performance in multiple channels after learning cutting-edge tactics, methodology, and technology during 11 keynotes, six tracks, and six workshops at CMC 2018.

General sessions focus on the latest B2B research and insights, while breakout sessions with SiriusDecisions analysts cover niche topics and case studies to help you personalize your company’s growth strategy.

The Gartner Digital Marketing Conference gives senior marketing leaders, marketing analytics leaders, customer experience and commerce leaders, and multichannel marketing leaders the insights needed to deliver results.

This customer-driven conference focuses on best practices and gives attendees the opportunity to hear from marketing leaders who share their insights on customer retention strategies and trends, and the technologies and solutions that support their customer loyalty work.

The conference will cover topics such as affiliate recruitment, communication with affiliates, affiliate marketing analytics, landing page and conversion optimization, and mobile and affiliate marketing.

Digital Growth Unleashed, with a focus on optimizing the customer journey, is a conference designed to help attendees learn to meet the needs of clients and prospects, create compelling customer experiences, and unlock your full online business potential.

Over the course of two days, experience four amazing parallel tracks, provocative keynotes, parallel breakout sessions, welcome reception, pre-conference in-depth workshops, and more.

Topics of the Customer Analytics Innovation Summit include competing on customer intelligence, achieving customer personalization at scale, customer analytics in the age of social media, and using analytics to deliver a more integrated customer experience.

Attendees learn to create better content and grow channels while hearing expert secrets and building strategies and alliances to help ensure business success.

Over three days, attendees participate in one track of forward-thinking sessions centering on SEO, brand development, CRO, mobile, analytics, customer experience, social, content marketing, and more.

Chat with Mom staff and high-level speakers in engaging network events, socialize at the Monday night pub crawl, and enjoy the Wednesday night bash complete with bowling and karaoke.

INBOUND focuses on helping you grow your business via inspiring keynotes, innovative talks, educational breakouts, hands-on lessons, and ample networking opportunities.

Attendees will make new connections and advance your data and marketing strategy to utilize the actionable insights and best practices it takes to transform the future of data and marketing.

Join 400 marketers from innovative top brands and participate in one of the cutting-edge marketing discussions at this conference to learn more about topics such as personalization and experience, content and storytelling, attribution and insights, and omni-channel integration.

A three-day SEO and digital marketing conference with one day of intensive masterclasses, UnGagged covers a range of topics including SEO, technical SEO, digital marketing strategy, content marketing, links, social media, reputation management, CRO, and much more.

As 2017 comes to a close, check back for 2018 dates and locations that will work for your schedule, because you don’t want to miss hearing from some of the most provocative speakers in the digital marketing industry at DIGIMARCON.

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