AI News, BOOK REVIEW: AdTech, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning Conferences and Meetups You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

AdTech, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning Conferences and Meetups You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

It's time to catch up with the latest news from industry insiders, set up some new connections and expand your professional network.

The conference will focus on technical and practical verticals including use cases around predictive analytics, advanced machine learning, data governance, privacy, cybersecurity, Smart Home &

creating the next generation of smart robots The Artificial Intelligence Conference brings the growing AI community together to explore the essential issues and intriguing innovations in applied AI.

We'll delve into practical business applications, compelling use cases, rock-solid technical skills, dissections of failures, and tear-downs of successful AI projects.

not just the technology, but the deeper societal changes that will require a rethinking and rewiring of our business models and environments, our education systems, and most importantly our own mindsets.

Now co-located alongside stellar industry events Technology for Marketing and eCommerce Expo, ad:tech London is here to help savvy practitioners unlock the power of the latest emerging tech, spur opportunities for experimentation, and open minds to the future.

From applied solutions for corporates and enterprise to the implications of AI on society, including ethics and AI4good, World Summit AI will tackle head-on the most burning AI issues for 2018 and beyond.

Gartner Expects the AI Business Market to Grow 70% This Year

While it seems like everybody and their cyborg seems to be thinking about artificial intelligence, a report seems to show there is real business value in the AI market.

According to a report released today by the research firm Gartner, the global business value derived from AI is expected to increase to $1.2 trillion this year, up 70 percent from last year.

Sources for the business value came from three areas: customer experience capabilities, new revenue from current and future products and services, and cost reductions from producing and delivering products and services.

“AI promises to be the most disruptive class of technologies during the next 10 years due to advances in computational power, volume, velocity and variety of data, as well as advances in deep neural networks (DNNs),”

How AI is Changing Digital Marketing

While our analytical tools today are far more accurate than they were in the days of traditional advertising, the ability to have “built-in” decision-making tools that essentially learn as they go is really optimal for this type of marketing.

One of the most interesting and possibly useful of all the AI applications in digital marketing is based on the fact that it can use large amounts of data to essentially choose a way that it will direct certain information.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: How Can it Make Your Life Easier?

As these questions remain unanswered for marketers across the spectrum, there is another growing trend that can help them get these answers, and that is big data.

Every customer in the digital space brings with them an amalgamation of data and is constantly creating new data for marketers to understand, process and act on.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can understand human behavior to the extent where not only are big data sets analyzed, segmented and filtered, but meaning is also derived from them.

This gives back marketers time to innovate and grow their brand, rather than worry about how to automate emails to millions of customers at a time.

From texting to visualizing business insights, the merger of big data, machine learning and AI is creating smoother and smarter experiences everyday.

Natural Language processing is a field that focuses on the ability of a computer to learn, and be capable of processing a human language to the level where it can infer meaning and formulate responses.

When a machine is able to learn this process, it makes it easier for brands to understand customers on a larger, more global scale rather than just as separate, local entities.

The team at Swiftkey wants to create a keyboard that actually learns from your typing, and can predict responses, fix text and develop a vocabulary suited to your style of typing.

Semantic analysis is a part of artificial intelligence in digital marketing that is already used in spell checks, social media analysis, sentiment analysis, fact extraction, summarization and more.

The artificial intelligence in digital marketing trend today is all about the ‘segment of one’ and how products and services are marketed to the individual or to a smaller group with more specific interests and goals in mind.

From RankBrain answering your search queries and Facebook’s Deep Text creating your newsfeed to Klevu’s smart e-commerce search, neural networks and machine learning are changing the way online search works.

Although Grid still hasn’t officially launched (as I write this post), and is possibly far from making website designers obsolete, the idea of a self designing website is pretty amazing.

The Future of Marketing: digital disruption, AI, and the sophisticated consumer

While there might be a lot of panicked hype to begin with, for the most part, technology brings improvements to existing processes rather than reinventing them entirely.

We adapted before, we will do it again.’ Data over content President and CEO of Nucleus Marketing Solutions and Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, Seth Rogin, focused the discussion on journalism and media: ‘These industries have been slow to adapt to the changing digital landscape, but big data should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat.’ Rogin is working with newspapers across the US to stop them competing against one another by finding their niche audiences – and the key to success, he said, was quality data.

Ann Steer of N Brown highlighted the importance of a ‘quality customer proposition’, with a view to ‘step up our customer experience to keep customers coming back to us.’ Kantar’s Julie Kollman reassured the audience that ‘there will always be customers who shop solely on price but there are also customers who shop on wider value.’ David Radford of Allianz supported this idea, referencing the insurance market on comparison websites, ‘The cheapest [offers] are never from the market leaders… it highlights the importance of brand building.’ The development of the consumer landscape is being driven by Amazon, increasing expectations with their ability to deliver products almost immediately, argued Andrew Stephen: ‘We need to stop talking about millennials as the group that is always connected – we all are and we all have high expectations and a desire for instant gratification.

This might sound daunting, but as Yasmeen points out, ‘it is easier to market to algorithms, as they are more predictable than humans.’ Addressing the disruption Automated and predictive buying is becoming commonplace, but we are hardly prepared to roll over and let algorithms dictate our entire lives for us.

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