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AI in Sales: In-depth Guide with Top 12 AI Applications in 2020

AI today does not aim to replace sales reps but acts as an assistant to We have identified 11 artificial intelligence use cases and structured these use cases around 4 key activities of today’s sales leaders.

3- Predictive sales/lead scoring: After lead generation, it is necessary to determine priority of leads. These platforms score customers’ likelihood of converting based on 3rd party and company data, allowing your sales reps to prioritize effectively. For more info, please visit our explanatory article about predictive sales.

5- Sales rep next action suggestions: AI will analyze your sales reps actions and leads will be analyzed to suggest the next best action. No one wants to waste time on email setting up a demo, when they could be closing another deal.

6- Sales data input automation: AI will synch data from various sources effortlessly and intelligently into your CRM 7- Sales rep response suggestions: AI will suggest responses during live conversations or written messages with leads 8- Meeting setup automation (digital assistant): Leave AI to set up meetings freeing your sales reps time. For example, Calendy links e-mails and conversations to your calendar while Clara responds to your e-mails and organizes your meetings.

11- Sales attribution: Leverage big data to attribute sales to marketing and sales efforts accurately 12- Customer sales contact analytics: Analyze all customer contacts including phone calls or emails to understand what behaviors and actions drive sales.

AAAI-20 Call for Diversity and Inclusion Activities

Participation in AI by groups that are underrepresented in computer science is a fraction of what is needed to have an AI workforce that reflects the diversity in society.

Diversity has many facets, including races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic status, and cultural background.

The scholarship is intended to support female students pursuing a graduate degree in computer science or other related fields at an accredited US-based institution.

If you wish to be considered for this scholarship please submit your resume and a recommendation letter from your advisor showing the relevance of the conference to your research interests and career goals.

5/16/18: Discussion on Public Engagement & General Club Activity

One of the main points of this article is that the general public may have weakening support of basic scientific research, ultimately leading to decreased federal funding of research.

We discussed this question on public awareness and support for science by brainstorming events and activities that our own group can do in an effort to better engage with the public and policy makers.

3 Artificial Intelligence Scenarios

Paul, joining Jeff onstage explains how Planisware machine learning tools provides a simple mechanism to train a model with some data, and can then provide various kinds of estimates around the project activities: durations, resource consumption, costs, and more.

in Planisware is Predictive Estimation, which can discover drivers behind estimating trends and data points, in order to confirm and to gain fresh insight into what is really driving project activities.

With understanding of the drivers comes the ability to predict project cost, duration, or resource levels, immediately upon project creation, to help project leaders build business cases.

Finally, with the drivers in place comes the ability to predict project cost, duration or resource level either at project creation, to help project leaders build their business case, or to provide estimate at completion once the project is under way.

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