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Weather agency chief: I've never briefed Trump on warming

By contrast, Oregon State University marine ecologist Jane Lubchenco, who served as NOAA chief in the first four years of the Obama administration, said she talked with President Barack Obama about climate change every two to three months.

Trump has dismissed his administration's warnings about the impact of climate change, including a recent government forecast that it could lead to economic losses of hundreds of billions of dollars a year by the end of the century.

reflected in his administration's misguided policies on coal, offshore drilling, automotive fuel economy, clean-energy R&D, the Paris Agreement, and assistance to developing countries on climate-change mitigation and adaptation —

The White House Office of Science and Technology and Policy hasn't been briefing the president because it is waiting for its director to be confirmed by the Senate, according to a source familiar with the office who asked not to be identified so as not to conflict with White House messaging.

Commerce Department spokeswoman Rebecca Glover, asked about whether Trump had been briefed, said in a statement that NOAA representatives meet 'with the White House on a regular basis on a wide variety of topics that impact the U.S. and U.S. policy.'

The White House said the president gets energy and climate briefings from its own policy people, not specifically addressing briefings from scientists and on climate science.