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Being Ourselves, Making a Difference.

Nosa Eke’s imagination produces fascinating characters and strange environments – and it also inspires her to use technology in wild ways, so she can invite audiences to jump into her worlds.

Her ambitious mix of classic and futuristic storytelling won her a spot in the BFI-Flare BAFTA Mentorship programme for emerging LGBTQ+ filmmakers and led to working with tech giants.

Google Creative Labs’ director Tea Uglow calls her a “future creative leader” and Apple describes her as a “next-level gaming talent.” She also happens to be black and gay, but she would like you to know that that’s not what this story is about.

Nobody is ever saying, ‘Oh, this is a caucasian story’, but I do get a lot of: ‘This is a black story, or this is a queer story.’ Then I’m like, ‘No, this is just a story’.” Growing up, her sister, Imwen – 17 years Nosa’s senior – took her to the cinema all the time.

She made homemade trailers for real – and imaginary – movies, joined a film club in Brixton run by Alison McCloskey, now Project Manager at BFI’s Future Film Academy, and started making short films.

“‘Lost’ did that web series and left Easter eggs in real life about the show and I just thought that was so cool.” Nosa’s notebook offers a window into her creative process as she flips it open while having a mid-afternoon coffee at Loading, a gaming bar near her East London home.

Why is she so passionate about making stories for apps like Instagram, Periscope or Unrd (a free app that delivers interactive stories by mimicking the texts, videos and streaming features of WhatsApp)?

When she’s not happily writing in her room at home, surrounded by favourite books, music and art from friends, Nosa says she loves to skateboard.

Last year, she joined @Sibling_LDN, an inclusive group of skateboarders that describes its more than 100 members as 'LGBTQIA+, people of colour, womxn, trans and non-binary people.'

Before I start a project, I will always make a playlist of songs that I think go well with the tone or a certain character, so if I’m writing a scene for that character, I put that playlist on and let the ideas come.

With stories like this one, we celebrate individuals who are re-shaping culture, embracing the new, changing the narrative for their community, unlocking overlooked potential, and challenging outdated expectations.

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