AI News, Academic Portfolio: Dr Ravinesh Deo artificial intelligence

Academic Portfolio: Dr Ravinesh Deo

His research interests are: artificial intelligence, energy informatics and expert systems, heuristic and deep learning algorithms.

In recogniton of research excellence he was awarded international fellowships: 2018 Queensland U.S. Smithsonian Fellowship, 2018 Australia-China Scientist Exchange Program, 2017 Japan Society for Promotion of Science International Fellowship, 2016 Chinese Academy of Science Presidential Fellowship and 2015 Australian Endeavour Fellowship.

In leadership programs funded by JSPS, Australia-China Science Fund and Advance Queensland Dr Deo secured external grants and held Senior visiting position at United States Smithsonian Research Institute, Tokyo, Kyoto &

He was awarded over $650,000 (ERA reportable) grants including CRC $522,311 (2019–2022), Chinese Academy (2019–2021) $123,500, Smart State ($16,250), ARC Linkage Industry under Australian Mathematical Science Institute (2019) ($17,500).

He has supervised 10 PhD and Masters Dissertation and was external examiner of 5 thesis and 4 external grant applications.

Dr Deo's recent HDR supervisions include: Dr Thong Nguyen-Huy was awarded USQ Excellence in Doctoral Research for highest possible examination results for a PhD program.  Dr Deo contributes toeards these teaching &

research programs: Dr Deo has published over 160 papers with many winning institutional publication award.

Items where Year is 2018

Abbasi, M.R.

(2018)A review on modeling and control of olefin polymerization in fluidized-bed reactors.

Abd Rashid, Abd Rashid and Yusoff, Sumiani

(2018)Global warming potential of a residential building construction in Malaysia using the life cycle assessment (LCA) approach.

Abouloula, Cheyma Naceur and Rizwan, Muhammad and Selvanathan, Vidhya and Abdullah, C.I.

(2018)A novel application for oil palm empty fruit bunch: extraction and modification of cellulose for solid polymer electrolyte.

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Adams, Charleen D.

Ahad, Irma Zulayka Mohamad and Harun, Sulaiman Wadi and Gan, Seng Neon and Phang, Sook Wai

Ahmad, Iftikhar and Md Noor, Rafidah and Reza Z'aba, Muhammad

(2018)LTE efficiency when used in traffic information systems: A stable interest aware clustering.

Ahmad, Wan Hamdah Wan and Fagge, Ibrahim Isah and Sim, Yoke Leng and Khan, Mohammad Niyaz

(2018)Kinetics and mechanism of alkaline hydrolysis of N-(o aminophenyl)phthalimide in the presence and absence of cationic micelles and sodium salts of aliphatic acids.

Ahmad Nizar, Nina Naquiah and Sultana, Sharmin and Hossain, M.A.

(2018)Double gene targeting multiplex PCR-RFLP detects Crocodylus porosus in chicken meatball and traditional medicine.

Ahmed, H.M.A.

(2018)A new system for classifying tooth, root and canal anomalies.

Ainin, Sulaiman and Jaafar, Noor Ismawati and Tamjidyamcholo, Alireza

(2018)Influence of personality traits on Facebook engagement and their effects on socialization behavior and satisfaction with university life.

Akhbari, Azam and Ibrahim, Shaliza and Zinatizadeh, Ali Akbar and Bonakdari, Hossein and Ebtehaj, Isa and S.

Akter, Md Parvez and Elias, Mohamad Fathi Mohamad and Rahim, Nasrudin Abd

Al Halbusi, H.

(2018)Acute and sub-acute oral toxicity of Dracaena cinnabari resin methanol extract in rats.

Ali, Hanisah and Karsani, Saiful Anuar and Othman, Rashidi and Yaacob, Jamilah Syafawati

(2018)Production of coloured callus in Orthosiphon stamineus Benth and antioxidant properties of the extracted pigments.

Alyessary, A.S.

Amirdabbaghian, Amin and Wolf, Hans Volker

Ang, Pei Soo and Yeo, Siang Lee

Arslan, Ahmed and Quazi, Moinuddin Mohammed and Masjuki, Haji Hassan and Kalam, Md.

(2018)Wear characteristics of patterned and un-patterned tetrahedral amorphous carbon film in the presence of synthetic and bio based lubricants.

Azman, Muhammad Danial and Hamidi, Mashitah and Ong, Siew Kian

(2018)Accessibility and utility of library resources in research methodology course: A case of non-science students at the

Bagheri, S.

(2018)Novel rGO-T-C(n) Nanosheets developed via click chemistry as a lubricant anti-wear additive.

Berkathullah, Marwah and Farook, Mohideen Salihu and Mahmoud, Okba

Bwadi, Benjamin Ezekiel and Mustafa, Firuza Begham and Ali, Mohammad Lokman and Bhassu, Subha

(2018)Spatial analysis of water quality and its suitability in farming giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii ) in Negeri Sembilan region, Peninsular Malaysia.

Cai, Liming and Xi, Zhenxiang and Amorim, André M.

(2018)Widespread ancient whole-genome duplications in Malpighiales coincide with Eocene global climatic upheaval.

Chan, Jacinta Phooi M'ng

Chandrabose, S.T.

(2018)Amenable epigenetic traits of dental pulp stem cells underlie high capability of xeno-free episomal reprogramming.

Chaput, Jean-Philippe and Wattanapisit, Apichai and Saengow, Udomsak and Ng, Chirk Jenn and Thanamee, Sanhapan and Kaewruang, Nonthakorn

(2018)Gaming behaviour with Pokémon GO and physical activity: A preliminary study with medical students in Thailand.

Chaw, Sook Hui and Lo, Yoke Lin and Shariffuddin, Ina Ismiarti and Wong, Jia Wing and Lee, Jia Yin and Leong, David Wei Jie and Ng, Kevin Wei Shan and Chan, Lucy

(2018)Evaluation of the quality of acute pain management in a pediatric surgical setting: Validation of a parent proxy modified version of the revised American Pain Society Patient Outcome Questionnaire.

Che Husain, Faridah and Mohd Jodi, Khairul Hamimah and Mat, Zawiah and Abdul Kadir, Fakhrul Adabi

(2018)Elemen pembentukan akhlak dan moral: penelitian terhadap modul pengajian kursus TITAS di Universiti Malaya.

Chen, Wang and Hong, Wan Thing and Abdul-Rahman, Hamzah

Cheong, Ku Wing

(2018)Understanding the pull motivations of Malaysian women music teachers as music entrepreneurs.

Chew, S.P.

(2018)Singlemode-multimode-singlemode fiber structure as compressive strain sensor on a reinforced concrete beam.

Chiu, Philip Wai Yan and Uedo, Noriya and Singh, Rajvinder and Gotoda, Takuji and Ng, Enders Kwok Wai and Yao, Kenshi and Ang, Tiing Leong and Ho, Shiaw Hooi and Kikuchi, Daisuke and Yao, Fang and Pittayanon, Rapat and Goda, Kenichi and Lau, James Y W and Tajiri, Hisao and Inoue, Haruhiro

Chong, Yeh Sai and Mokhtar, Norrima and Arof, Hamzah and Cumming, Paul and Iwahashi, Masahiro

Choo, May May and Yeong, Choo Mee and Grigg, John R.

(2018)Central corneal thickness changes and horizontal corneal diameter in premature infants.

Choong, C.E.

(2018)Removal of lead and bisphenol A using magnesium silicate impregnated palm-shell waste powdered activated carbon: Comparative studies on single and binary pollutant adsorption.

Chua, K.O.

Erfanmanesh, Mohammadamin and Tusi, Ziba and Jafarzadeh, Rashid and Gavgani, Vahideh Zarea and Vahed, Nafiseh

Gan, Khai Swan and Tan, Chon Seng and Othman, Rofina Yasmin and Harikrishna, Jennifer Ann

Govindaraju, Revadi and Tang, Ing Ping and Prepageran, Narayanan

Halim, N.A.

(2018)General and erosive tooth wear of 16-year-old adolescents in Kuantan, Malaysia: prevalence and association with dental caries.

Hariri, F.

Hashim, Nor Azlina and Yusof, Zamros Yuzadi Mohd and Saub, Roslan

(2018)Responsiveness to change of the Malay-ECOHIS following treatment of early childhood caries under general anaesthesia.

Hasni, K.

Hmood, Jassim K.

(2018)Broadband optical frequency comb generator based on driving N-cascaded modulators by Gaussian-shaped waveform.

Ibrahim, Mohd Nazri and Abdullah, Zaridah and Md Syed, Md Azalanshah and Yatim, Muhammad Amanullah

Islam, Kazi Md.

(2018)Gender stereotypes and education: A comparative content analysis of Malaysian, Indonesian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi school textbooks.

Johari, Md Ashadi Md and Abdul Khudus, Muhammad Imran Mustafa and Jali, Mohd Hafiz and Al Noman, Abdullah and Harun, Sulaiman Wadi

(2018)Effect of size on single and double optical microbottle resonator humidity sensors.

Kalafi, Elham Yousef and Tan, Wooi Boon and Town, Christopher and Dhillon, Sarinder Kaur

(2018)Identification of selected monogeneans using image processing, artificial neural network and K-nearest neighbor.

Kalantari, Katayoon and Afifi, Amalina Muhammad and Nia, Pooria Moozarm and Izadiyan, Zahra and Kalantari, Alireza and Abouzari-lotf, Ebrahim

Kasim, S.K.M.

(2018)Knowledge, perceptions and clinical application of the shortened dental arch concept among Malaysian government dentists.

Kawai, Hotaka and Tsujigiwa, Hidetsugu and Siar, Chong Huat and Nakano, Keisuke and Takabatake, Kiyofumi and Fujii, Masae and Hamada, Mei and Tamamura, Ryo and Nagatsuka, Hitoshi

(2018)Characterization and potential roles of bone marrow-derived stromal cells in cancer development and metastasis.

Khosropanah, Pegah and Ramli, Abdul Rahman and Abbasi, Mohammad Reza and Marhaban, Mohammad Hamiruce and Ahmedov, Anvarjon

(2018)A hybrid unsupervised approach toward EEG epileptic spikes detection.

Koloor, Seyed Saeid Rahimian and Karimzadeh, Atefeh and Tamin, Mohd Nasir and Hamdi, Mohd

Kwan, Mun Keong and Chiu, Chee Kidd and Tan, Pheng Hian and Chian, Xue Han and Ler, Xin Yi and Ng, Yun Hui and Ng, Sherwin Johan and Goh, Saw Huan and Chan, Chris Yin Wei

(2018)Radiological and clinical outcome of selective thoracic fusion for patients with Lenke 1C and 2C adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with a minimum follow-up of 2 years.

Kwan, Zhenli and Bong, Yii Bonn and Tan, Leng Leng and Lim, Shu Xian and Yong, Adrian Sze Wai and Ch'ng, Chin Chwen and Tan, Maw Pin and Ismail, Rokiah

Kyee, Dicky Lim Teik and Moin, Noor Hasnah

Laghari, Javed Ahmed and Almani, Suhail Ahmed and Kumar, Jagdesh and Mokhlis, Hazlie and Bakar, Ab Halim Abu

Lah, Nurul Akmal Che and Johan, Mohd Rafie and Samykano, Mahendran and Saari, Mohd Mawardi

Lai, Chin Wei

(2018)Facile formation of colloidal silver nanoparticles using electrolysis technique and their antimicrobial activity.

Lai, Chin Wei and Lau, Kung Shiuh and Samad, Nur Azimah Abd and Chou, Pui May

Lai, Meng Yee and Lau, Yee Ling

(2018)Measurement of binding strength between prey proteins interacting with Toxoplasma gondii SAG1 and SAG2 using isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC).

Lai, Meng Yee and Ooi, Choo Huck and Lau, Yee Ling

Lai, Ngan Kuen and Ang, Tan Fong and Por, Lip Yee and Liew, Chee Sun

Lai, Ngan Kuen and Ang, Tan Fong and Por, Lip Yee and Liew, Chee Sun

(2018)The impact of play on child development - a literature review.

Lai, Pauline Siew Mei and Chung, Wen Wei and Toh, Li Shean and Othman, Sajaratulnisah

Lai, Siew Li and Mustafa, Mohd Rais and Wong, Pooi Fong

Lai, Siew Tim and Lim, Kheng Seang and Tang, Venus and Low, Wah Yun

(2018)Positive psychological interventions for people with epilepsy: An assessment on factors related to intervention participation.

Lai, Tianxin and Chong, Eric Tzyy Jiann and Chuah, Jitt Aun and Chua, Kek Heng and Lee, Ping Chin

Lai, V.

(2018)Evolutionary algorithm for forecastng mean sea level based on meta-heuristic approach.

Larsson, H.M.

(2018)Fiber density of collagen grafts impacts rabbit urethral regeneration.

Latif, Kashif and Ismail, Mohd Nazari and Nazri, Mohammad and Nor, Mohd Roslan Mohd and Qureshi, Muhammad Imran

Latiff, Anas Abdul and Cheng, Xiau San and Rusdi, Muhammad Farid Mohd and Paul, Mukul Chandra and Harun, Sulaiman Wadi and Ahmad, Harith

(2018)Molybdenum disulfide saturable absorber for eye-safe mode-locked fiber laser generation.

Latiff, Nurul Ain Abdul and Illias, Hazlee Azil and Bakar, Ab Halim Abu and Abd Halim, Syahirah and Dabbak, Sameh Ziad Ahmad

(2018)Design technique for leakage current reduction in surge arrester using gravitational search algorithm and imperialist competitive algorithm.

COMPEL - The international journal for computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering, 37 (1).

Latiff, Nurul Ain Abdul and Illias, Hazlee Azil and Bakar, Ab Halim Abu and Dabbak, Sameh Ziad Ahmad

Lau, Kam Sheng and Chia, Chin Hua and Chin, Siew Xian and Chook, Soon Wei and Zakaria, Sarani and Juan, Joon Ching

(2018)Conversion of glucose into lactic acid using silica-supported zinc oxide as solid acid catalyst.

Lau, Koon Weng and Chen, Chee Dhang and Lee, Han Lim and Low, Van Lun and Sofian-Azirun, Mohd

Lau, Meng Fei and Vellasamy, Shalini and Chua, Kek Heng and Sabaratnam, Vikineswary and Kuppusamy, Umah Rani

(2018)Rosiglitazone diminishes the high-glucose-induced modulation of 5-fluorouracil cytotoxicity in colorectal cancer cells.

Lau, Wee Yeap and Go, You How

Lau, Y.S.

(2018)3′,4′-dihydroxyflavonol ameliorates endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis and endothelial dysfunction in mice.

Lau, Yin Yin and How, Kah Yan and Yin, Wai Fong and Chan, Kok Gan

(2018)Cloning and characterization of short‐chain N ‐acyl homoserine lactone‐producing Enterobacter asburiae strain L1 from lettuce leaves.

Laurino, Mercy Y.

Lawal, Abubakar and Wong, Richard Chee Seng and Tan, Guan Huat and Abdulra'uf, Lukman Bola and Alsharif, Ali Mohamed Ali

Lawal, Abubakar and Wong, Richard Chee Seng and Tan, Guan Huat and Abdulra'uf, Lukman Bola and Alsharif, Ali Mohamed Ali

Le, M.H.T.

(2018)Adjunctive buccal and palatal corticotomy for adult maxillary expansion in an animal model.

Leader, Imre and Milicevic, Luka and Tan, Ta Sheng

Leader, Imre and Tan, Ta Sheng

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Lee, Gooyong and Ibrahim, Shaliza and Kittappa, Shanmuga and Park, Heekyung and Park, Chang Min

(2018)Sonocatalytic activity of a heterostructured β-Bi 2 O 3 /Bi 2 O 2 CO 3 nanoplate in degradation of bisphenol A.

Lee, Hooi Leng and Chua, Siew Siang and Mahadeva, Sanjiv

(2018)Dyspepsia in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug users and the effect of preventive measures.

Lee, Jacky Jia Li and Andriyana, Andri and Ang, Bee Chin and Huneau, Bertrand and Verron, Erwan

(2018)Electrospun PMMA polymer blend nanofibrous membrane: electrospinability, surface morphology and mechanical response.

Lee, Jason Yee Neng and Tan, Irene Kit Ping

(2018)Bacterial diversity and community structure of banana rhizosphere in orang asli fields and commercial plantations.

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(2018)Prevalence and risk factors of gestational diabetes mellitus in Asia: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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(2018)Stability of custom-designed photoreactor for photocatalytic oxidation of Reactive Black 5 dye using zinc oxide.

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Lee, Kok Keong and Lim, Phaik Eem and Poong, Sze Wan and Wong, Chiew Yen and Phang, Siew Moi and Beardall, John

(2018)Growth and photosynthesis of Chlorella strains from polar, temperate and tropical freshwater environments under temperature stress.

Lee, Kwee Heng and Ariffin, Raja Noriza Raja and Abdullah, Nik Rosnah Wan

Lee, Li Sin and Goh, Kian Mau and Chan, Chia Sing and Tan, Geok Yuan Annie and Yin, Wai Fong and Chong, Chun Shiong and Chan, Kok Gan

(2018)Microbial diversity of thermophiles with biomass deconstruction potential in a foliage‐rich hot spring.

Lee, Luqman

Lee, Mei Kee and Li, Xiao Jie and Yap, Alvin Chee Sum and Cheung, Peter Chi Keung and Tan, Chon Seng and Ng, Szu Ting and Roberts, Richard and Ting, Kang Nee and Fung, Shin Yee

Lee, O.

(2018)Effectiveness of concurrent procedures during high tibial osteotomy for medial compartment osteoarthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Lee, Richard Chee Houw and Hasnan, Nazirah and Engkasan, Julia Patrick

(2018)Characteristics of persons with spinal cord injury who drive in Malaysia and its barriers: a cross sectional study.

Lee, Ru Bin and Lee, Kian Mun and Lai, Chin Wei and Pan, Guan Ting and Yang, Thomas Chung Kuang and Juan, Joon Ching

Lee, Siew Cheng and Hashim, Roslan and Mo, Kim Hung

Lee, Soo Ching and Chua, Ling Ling and Yap, Siew Hwei and Khang, Tsung Fei and Leng, Chan Yoon and Raja Azwa, Raja Iskandar and Lewin, Sharon R.

Lee, Sue Han and Chan, Chee Seng and Remagnino, Paolo

Lee, Wah Sze and Lin, Chin Yik

(2018)Mapping of tropical marine benthic habitat: Hydroacoustic classification of coral reefs environment using single-beam (RoxAnn™) system.

Lee, Way Seah and Tee, Chun Wei and Koay, Zhong Lin and Wong, Tat Seng and Zahraq, Fatimah and Foo, Hee Wei and Ong, Sik Yong and Wong, Shin Yee and Ng, Ruey Terng

Lee, Way Seah and Wong, Shin Yee and Ivy, D.

Lee, Yen Sian and Lim, Kok Sing and Zaini, Muhammad Khairol Annuar and Ahmad, Harith

Lee, Yew Kong and Lee, Ping Yein and Ng, Chirk Jenn and Teo, Chin Hai and Abu Bakar, Ahmad Ihsan and Abdullah, Khatijah Lim and Khoo, Ee Ming and Hanafi, Nik Sherina and Low, Wah Yun and Chiew, Thiam Kian

(2018)Usability and utility evaluation of the web-based “Should I Start Insulin?” patient decision aid for patients with type 2 diabetes among older people.

Lee, Yong Seuk and Lee, O-Sung and Lee, Seung Hoon and Teo, Seow Hui

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(2018)Structural, chemical, and electrical properties of ZrO2/Ge system formed via oxidation/nitridation in N2O gas ambient.

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(2018)Improved energy conversion performance of a novel design of concentrated photovoltaic system combined with thermoelectric generator with advance cooling system.

Leong, Cherng Shii and Vythilingam, Indra and Wong, Meng Li and Wan Sulaiman, Wan Yusoff and Lau, Yee Ling

(2018)Aedes aegypti(Linnaeus) larvae from dengue outbreak areas in Selangor showing resistance to pyrethroids but susceptible to organophosphates.

Leong, Hui Yi and Ooi, Chien Wei and Law, Chung Lim and Julkifle, Advina Lizah and Ling, Tau Chuan and Show, Pau Loke

(2018)Application of liquid biphasic flotation for betacyanins extraction from peel and flesh of Hylocereus polyrhizus and antioxidant activity evaluation.

Leong, Kin Yuen and Razali, Idayu and Ku Ahmad, Ku Zarina and Ong, Hwai Chyuan and Ghazali, Mariyam Jameelah and Abdul Rahman, Mohd Rosdzimin

(2018)Thermal conductivity of an ethylene glycol/water-based nanofluid with copper-titanium dioxide nanoparticles: An experimental approach.

Leong, Kwan Eu and Tan, Pei Pei and Lau, Poh Li and Yong, Sook Lu

Leong, Lai Ying and Jaafar, Noor Ismawati and Ainin, Sulaiman

(2018)Understanding facebook commerce (f-commerce) actual purchase from an artificial neural network perspective.

Leong, Lai Ying and Jaafar, Noor Ismawati and Ainin, Sulaiman

Leong, Lai Ying and Jaafar, Noor Ismawati and Ainin, Sulaiman

(2018)The effects of Facebook browsing and usage intensity on impulse purchase in f-commerce.

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(2018)Shear wave elastography in the evaluation of renal parenchymal stiffness in patients with chronic kidney disease.

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(2018)Optimizing first line 7‐day standard triple therapy for Helicobacter pylori eradication: Prolonging treatment or adding bismuth: which is better?

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Li, Ling Xiao and Abdul Rahman, Siti Soraya

(2018)Students' learning style detection using tree augmented naive Bayes.

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(2018)Modified abdominal wall suspension system in gasless laparoscopy: A clinical application.

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Liew, Kong Yew and Narayanan, Prepageran and Waran, Vicknes

Liew, Kong Yew and Zulkiflee, Abu Bakar

Liew, Ping Xin and Lim, Kian Ping and Goh, Kim Leng

Liew, Shan Qin and Ngoh, Gek Cheng and Yusoff, Rozita and Teoh, Wen Hui

Liew, Shan Qin and Teoh, Wen Hui and Tan, Chee Keong and Yusoff, Rozita and Ngoh, Gek Cheng

(2018)Subcritical water extraction of low methoxyl pectin from pomelo ( Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck) peels.

Liew, Siew Mun and Rajasekaram, Ganeswrei and Puthucheary, Savithri Devi and Chua, Kek Heng

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(2018)Ancient schwannoma of cervical sympathetic chain masquerading as carotid body tumour.

Lim, Chee Cheow and Ramiah, Harikrishnan and Yin, Jun and Mak, Pui-In and Martins, Rui Paulo

Lim, Chor Yin and Junit, Sarni Mat and Aziz, Azlina Abdul and Jayapalan, Jaime Jacqueline and Hashim, Onn Haji

(2018)The hypolipidemic effects of Tamarindus indica fruit pulp extract in normal and diet‐induced hypercholesterolemic hamsters are associated with altered levels of serum proteins.

Lim, Einly and Lim, Renly and Suhaimi, Anwar and Chan, Bee Ting and Wahab, Ahmad Khairi Abdul

(2018)Treatment of chronic back pain using indirect vibroacoustic therapy: A pilot study.

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(2018)Phylogeny and species delineation in the marine diatom Pseudo-nitzschia (Bacillariophyta) using cox1 , LSU, and ITS2 rRNA genes: A perspective in character evolution.

Lim, Hong Cheet and Ong, Zhi Chao and Brandt, Anders

(2018)Implementation of phase controlled impact device for enhancement of frequency response function in operational modal testing.

Lim, Hong Cheet and Ong, Zhi Chao and Ismail, Zubaidah and Khoo, Shin Yee

Lim, Hui Mei and Misran, Misni

(2018)Effect of sodium dodecyl sulphate and polyoxyethylene dodecyl ether on the rheological behaviour and stability of natural rubber latex.

Lim, I-Liang and Loo, Angela Voon Pei and Subrayan, Visvaraja and Khang, Tsung Fei and See, Mee Hoong and Alip, Adlinda and Taib, Nur Aishah Mohd

(2018)Dosage-dependent reduction of macular pigment optical density in female breast cancer patients receiving tamoxifen adjuvant therapy.

Lim, Jasmine and Rampal, Sanjay and Razack, Azad Hassan Abdul and Malek, Rohan and Sundram, Murali and Nasuha, Noor Azam and Ooi, Chong Chien and Ong, Teng Aik and Sothilingam, Selvalingam

Lim, Jia Hui and Lau, Wee Yeap

(2018)The nexus between residential property prices, bank lending, construction output and interest rate: Policy lessons from Malaysia.

Lim, Jia Wei

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(2018)Tuning of polarization, internal electric field, and hysteresis loop behaviours in BaTiO3/BaxSr1-xTiO3 superlattices.

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(2018)Epidemiology, clinical presentation and respiratory sequelae of adenovirus pneumonia in children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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(2018)Effects of field warming on a High Arctic soil bacterial community: A metagenomic analysis.

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(2018)Adaptive template matching of photoplethysmogram pulses to detect motion artefact.

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Manley, Stewart

Manley, Stewart

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nov., a new species isolated from mucus of red coral (Corallium rubrum) collected at Procida island, Italy.

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(2018)Prediction of CO2/O2 absorption selectivity using supported ionic liquid membranes (SILMs) for gas–liquid membrane contactor.

(2018)Solid-phase diffusion controlled growth of nickel silicide nanowires for supercapacitor electrode.

(2018)Growth of Si-based core–shell nanowires through gases decomposition reactions with tunable morphologies, compositions, and electrochemical properties.

(2018)Educational intervention on delirium assessment using confusion assessment method-ICU (CAM-ICU) in a general intensive care unit.

(2018)Influence of nano-sized fumed silica on physicochemical and electrochemical properties of cellulose derivatives-ionic liquid biopolymer electrolytes.

(2018)A comprehensive investigation on electrical characterization and ionic transport properties of cellulose derivative from kenaf fibre-based biopolymer electrolytes.

(2018)Ultrasmall superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles: honey-based green and facile synthesis and in vitro viability assay.

(2018)An in vitro potency assay using nicotinic acetylcholine receptor binding works well with antivenoms against Bungarus candidus and Naja naja.

(2018)Cost utility, budget impact, and scenario analysis of racecadotril in addition to oral rehydration for acute diarrhea in children in Malaysia.

(2018)Ectoparasites (Ticks and mites) prevalence on small to medium-sized mammals associated with habitat condition in Kemasul, Pahang.

(2018)Characterization of fungi from Palm kernel cake (PKC) and the effect of storage temperature on fungi growth.

(2018)Electrochemical performance of binder-free NiO-PANI on etched carbon cloth as active electrode material for supercapacitor.

(2018)Experimental evaluation of fatty acid composition influence on Jatropha biodiesel physicochemical properties.

(2018)Titanium dioxide doped fiber as a new saturable absorber for generating mode-locked erbium doped fiber laser.

(2018)A randomized controlled trial for effectiveness of zolpidem versus acupressure on sleep in hemodialysis patients having chronic kidney disease–associated pruritus.

Rehman, Muhammad Habib ur and Ahmed, Ejaz and Yaqoob, Ibrar and Hashem, Ibrahim Abaker Targio and Imran, Muhammad and Ahmad, Shafiq

(2018)Dosimetric characterisation of the optically-stimulated luminescence dosimeter in cobalt-60 high dose rate brachytherapy system.

(2018)Mitigating Internet bottleneck with fractional temporal evolution of optical solitons having quadratic–cubic nonlinearity.

(2018)Interleukin-6 gene variants are associated with reduced risk of chronicity in hepatitis B virus infection in a Malaysian population.

(2018)Non-dominated sorting biogeography-based optimization for bi-objective reentrant flexible manufacturing system scheduling.

(2018)Highly sensitive selectively coated photonic crystal fiber-based plasmonic sensor.

(2018)A recombinant subunit HS aba392 as a potential vaccine for haemorrhagic septicaemia disease in livestock.

(2018)Tunable Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser using nickel oxide saturable absorber.

(2018)Low pressure spark plasma sintered hydroxyapatite and Bioglass® composite scaffolds for bone tissue repair.

(2018)Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser using thulium fiber saturable absorber.

(2018)Optimization of equitable irrigation water delivery for a large-scale rice irrigation scheme.

(2018)Estimation of carbon pool in soil, above and below ground vegetation at different types of mangrove forests in Peninsular Malaysia.

(2018)Bayesian approach to errors-in-variables in count data regression models with departures from normality and overdispersion.

(2018)A mode-locked thulium-doped fiber laser with multiple wavelength output based on a nonlinear loop mirror.

(2018)The efficacy and tolerability of scalp cooling in preventing chemotherapy-induced alopecia in patients with breast cancer receiving anthracycline and taxane-based chemotherapy in an Asian setting.

(2018)State of the art in passive digital image forgery detection: copy-move image forgery.

(2018)Copper oxide nanomaterial saturable absorber as a new passive Q-switcher in erbium-doped fiber laser ring cavity configuration.

(2018)Ultrashort pulse generation with an erbium-doped fiber laser ring cavity based on a copper oxide saturable absorber.

(2018)Exoskeleton robot control for synchronous walking assistance in repetitive manual handling works based on dual unscented Kalman filter.

(2018)A facile, bio-based, novel approach for synthesis of covalently functionalized graphene nanoplatelet nano-coolants toward improved thermo-physical and heat transfer properties.

(2018)CFD modeling of turbulent convection heat transfer of nanofluids containing green functionalized graphene nanoplatelets flowing in a horizontal tube: Comparison with experimental data.

(2018)Generation of four-wave mixing with highly sharp idlers using 2 mm home-made side-polished fiber deposited by ZnO nanorod.

(2018)Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue with silver doped ZnO nanoparticles grown on microscopic sand particles (Degradasi metilena biru menggunakan nanopartikel ZnO sebagai fotomangkin yang didopkan dengan perak tumbuh di atas pasir bersaiz mikro).

(2018)One pot synthesis of hybrid ZnS–Graphene nanocomposite with enhanced photocatalytic activities using hydrothermal approach.

(2018)Studies on relation between columnar order and electrical conductivity in HAT6 discotic liquid crystals using temperature-dependent Raman spectroscopy and DFT calculations.

(2018)Multi-criteria decision analysis for evaluating sustainable lifts design of public hospital buildings.

(2018)A power system network splitting strategy based on contingency analysis.

(2018)Clinical efficacy and feasibility of whey protein isolates supplementation in malnourished peritoneal dialysis patients: A multicenter, parallel, open-label randomized controlled trial.

(2018)Development of an instructional model for higher order thinking in science among secondary school students: a fuzzy Delphi approach.

(2018)Metabolic alteration of Catharanthus roseus cell suspension cultures overexpressing geraniol synthase in the plastids or cytosol.

(2018)Hepatoprotectivity of Panduratin A against liver damage: In vivo demonstration with a rat model of cirrhosis induced by thioacetamide.

(2018)Structural, optical and electrical properties of ZnO/ZnAl2O4 nanocomposites prepared via thermal reduction approach.

(2018)Thermal, structural, textural and optical properties of ZnO/ZnAl2O4 mixed metal oxide-based Zn/Al layered double hydroxide.

(2018)A simple method for chromium speciation analysis in contaminated water using APDC and a pre-heated glass tube followed by HPLC-PDA.

(2018)Generation of dual-wavelength ytterbium-doped fibre laser using a highly nonlinear fibre.

(2018)Challenges in technologies and innovations on maintenance operation of building envelope for high-rise building.

(2018)Ionic liquids for the separation of benzene and cyclohexane – COSMO-RS screening and experimental validation.

(2018)Recruitment, engagement and feedback in empirical software engineering studies in industrial contexts.

(2018)Fatal spontaneous rupture of splenic artery aneurysm in third trimester pregnancy.

(2018)Clinical outcomes of lithium disilicate single crowns after a mean duration of 3 years - A retrospective study.

(2018)The conductivity and dielectric studies of solid polymer electrolytes based on poly (acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) doped with sodium iodide.

(2018)Influence of a nonionic surfactant on curcumin delivery of nanocellulose reinforced chitosan hydrogel.

(2018)The prevalence, risk factors and outcomes of workplace bullying among junior doctors: a systematic review.

(2018)In vitro antibacterial activity of crude medicinal plant extracts against ampicillin+penicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

(2018)Platelet rich concentrate enhances mesenchymal stem cells capacity to repair focal cartilage injury in rabbits.

(2018)A high gain 10 watts wideband distributed power amplifier for two way radio system.

(2018)Extraction of proteins from microalgae using integrated method of sugaring-out assisted liquid biphasic flotation (LBF) and ultrasound.

(2018)Integration process of fermentation and liquid biphasic flotation for lipase separation from Burkholderia cepacia.

(2018)Sustainable approach in recycling of phase components of large scale aqueous two-phase flotation for lipase recovery.

(2018)Green technology of liquid biphasic flotation for enzyme recovery utilizing recycling surfactant and sorbitol.

(2018)In vitro and in silico studies of chalcone synthase variant 2 in Boesenbergia rotunda and its substrate specificity.

(2018)Green synthesis of anisotropic zinc oxide nanoparticles with antibacterial and cytofriendly properties.

(2018)Silver oxide nanoparticles-decorated tantala nanotubes for enhanced antibacterial activity and osseointegration of Ti6Al4V.

(2018)Sensitivity analysis of drill wear and optimization using Adaptive Neuro fuzzy –genetic algorithm technique toward sustainable machining.

(2018)Novel thermal management system using mist cooling for lithium-ion battery packs.

(2018)Size-dependent effect of cystine/citric acid-capped confeito-like gold nanoparticles on cellular uptake and photothermal cancer therapy.

(2018)Differential expression of the receptors for thyroid hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone, vitamin D and retinoic acid and extracellular signal-regulated kinase in uterus of rats under influence of sex-steroids.

(2018)The ‘Be Cancer Alert Campaign’: protocol to evaluate a mass media campaign to raise awareness about breast and colorectal cancer in Malaysia.

(2018)A solid-state microwave method to disrupt biomass microstructure for natural product extraction.

(2018)Effect of polar aprotic solvents on hydroxyethyl cellulose-based gel polymer electrolyte.

(2018)Process conditions for the manufacture of highly micro-mesoporous eco-friendly activated carbon from artocarpus integer bio-waste by steam activation.

(2018)Titania/reduced graphene oxide composite nanofibers for the direct extraction of photosynthetic electrons from microalgae for biophotovoltaic cell applications.

(2018)Quantification and visualization of lipid landscape in glioma using in -and opposed-phase imaging.

(2018)A comparison study of the fresh and hardened properties of normal weight and lightweight aggregate concretes.

(2018)Oil palm shell as an agricultural solid waste in artificial lightweight aggregate concrete.

(2018)New approach for developing soft computational prediction models for moment and rotation of boltless steel connections.

(2018)Weighted corporate social responsibility index for measuring Islamic Banking's social performance: How to develop It?

(2018)Synthesis of 2D boron nitride doped polyaniline hybrid nanocomposites for photocatalytic degradation of carcinogenic dyes from aqueous solution.

(2018)Long-term wear failure analysis of uhmwpe acetabular cup in total hip replacement.

(2018)An electrochemical sensing platform of cobalt oxide@gold nanocubes interleaved reduced graphene oxide for the selective determination of hydrazine.

(2018)Structure, mechanism, and performance evaluation of natural gas hydrate kinetic inhibitors.

(2018)Polyaniline modified magnetic nanoparticles coated with dicationic ionic liquid for effective removal of rhodamine B (RB) from aqueous solution.

(2018)Polyaniline-dicationic ionic liquid coated with magnetic nanoparticles composite for magnetic solid phase extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in environmental samples.

(2018)Fabrication of un-doped and magnesium doped TiO2 films by aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition for dye sensitized solar cells.

(2018)Electro-catalytic and structural studies of DNA templated gold wires on platinum/ITO as modified counter electrode in dye sensitized solar cells.

(2018)Fabrication of capillary force induced DNA template Ag nanopatterns for sensitive and selective enzyme-free glucose sensors.

(2018)The effect of exercise on interferon gamma, body fat and bmi of kidney transplant patients.

(2018)Effect of magnetic field on thermo-physical and hydrodynamic properties of different metals-decorated multi-walled carbon nanotubes-based water coolants in a closed conduit.

(2018)Comparing biomechanical strength of unicortical locking plate versus bicortical compression plate for transverse midshaft metacarpal fracture.

(2018)Ultrafast mode-locked dual-wavelength thulium-doped fiber laser using a Mach-Zehnder interferometric filter.

(2018)Prevalence rate of neck, shoulder and lower back pain in association with age, body mass index and gender among Malaysian office workers.

(2018)Effects of stretching exercise training and ergonomic modifications on musculoskeletal discomforts of office workers: a randomized controlled trial.

(2018)Relationships between cornell musculoskeletal discomfort questionnaire and online rapid office strain assessment questionnaire.

(2018)Advanced glycation end products-related modulation of cathepsin L and NF-κB signalling effectors in retinal pigment epithelium lead to augmented response to TNFα.

(2018)Nano-cellulose biopolymer based nano-biofilm biomaterial using plant biomass: An innovative plant biomaterial dataset.

(2018)Nano-cellulose based nano-coating biomaterial dataset using corn leaf biomass: An innovative biodegradable plant biomaterial.

(2018)Effect of single-dose dexmedetomidine on postoperative recovery after ambulatory ureteroscopy and ureteric stenting: a double blind randomized controlled study.

(2018)The effect of conception of internet usage and smes' activities on organizational performance among tourism enterprises in Malaysia.

(2018)Comparison of detection limit in fiber-based conventional, amplified, and gain-clamped cavity ring-down techniques.

(2018)Colloidal stability measurements of graphene nanoplatelets covalently functionalized with tetrahydrofurfuryl polyethylene glycol in different organic solvents.

(2018)Facile hydrothermal method for synthesizing nitrogen-doped graphene nanoplatelets using aqueous ammonia: dispersion, stability in solvents and thermophysical performances.

(2018)Investigation of the thermophysical properties and stability performance of non-covalently functionalized graphene nanoplatelets with Pluronic P-123 in different solvents.

(2018)Evaluation on stability and thermophysical performances of covalently functionalized graphene nanoplatelets with xylitol and citric acid.

(2018)Electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide on a new microporous Ni–metal organic framework material-carbon paste electrode.

(2018)Structural, electrochemical, and adsorption studies of Ni and Zn benzylimidazole coordination polymers with terephthalate linkers.

(2018)Collaborative intervention between pharmacists and physicians on elderly patients: a randomized controlled trial.

(2018)A three-dimensional virtual morphometry study of the sigmoid notch of the distal radius.

(2018)Effect of the addition of phytomix-3+ mangosteen on antioxidant activity, viability of lactic acid bacteria, type 2 diabetes key-enzymes, and sensory evaluation of yogurt.

(2018)In vitro antioxidant and in vivo xanthine oxidase inhibitory activities of Pandanus amaryllifolius in potassium oxonate-induced hyperuricemic rats.

(2018)Leadership behaviour on job satisfaction in Malaysian national secondary schools: Motivation and hygiene satisfaction.

(2018)An investigation of the dye-sensitized solar cell performance using graphene-titania (TrGO) photoanode with conventional dye and natural green chlorophyll dye.

(2018)Performance of combined PTFE hydrophilic and hydrophobic membrane during laundry/detergent wastewater treatment by air gap membrane distillation (AGMD): an experimental study.

(2018)One-step green hydrothermal synthesis of biocompatible graphene/TiO2 nanocomposites for non-enzymatic H2O2 detection and their cytotoxicity effects on human keratinocyte and lung fibroblast cells.

(2018)Evaluation of the engine performance and exhaust emissions of biodiesel-bioethanol-diesel blends using kernel-based extreme learning machine.

(2018)Selection of reference genes for transcript profiling of Sargassum polycystum by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction.

(2018)Short-term effects of biochar amendment on soil microbial community in humid tropics.

(2018)Application of laser heating and its effects on bonding strengths for varied copper wire purity levels.

(2018)Activated carbon as back contact for HTM-free mixed cation perovskite solar cell.

(2018)Synthesis of active absorber layer by dip-coating method for perovskite solar cell.

(2018)In vitro antidermatophytic activity and cytotoxicity of extracts derived from medicinal plants and marine algae.

(2018)Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteremia: Correlations between clinical, phenotypic, genotypic characteristics and mortality in a tertiary teaching hospital in Malaysia.

(2018)Effect of thermal interaction between bulk GaN substrates and corral sapphire on blue light emission InGaN/GaN multi-quantum wells by MOCVD.

(2018)Natural convection in an inclined porous triangular enclosure with various thermal boundary conditions.

(2018)Identifying protein biomarkers in predicting disease severity of dengue virus infection using immune-related protein microarray.

(2018)Barriers in obtaining primary health care services from public clinics by non-citizen labors in Malaysia.

(2018)Water-based graphene quantum dots dispersion as a high-performance long-term stable nanofluid for two-phased closed thermosyphons.

cantonensis (Nematoda: Metastrongyloidea) belong to same genetic lineage: evidence from mitochondrial protein-coding genes.

(2018)Complete mitochondrial genome of Bactrocera ritsemai (Insecta: Tephritidae) and phylogenetic relationship with its congeners and related tephritid taxa.

(2018)Effects of various hydrogenated temperatures on photocatalytic activity of mesoporous titanium dioxide.

(2018)Influence of calcination on the morphology and crystallinity of titanium dioxide nanofibers towards enhancing photocatalytic dye degradation.

(2018)Applicability of A rotary eddy current damper in passenger vehicle suspension with parallel inerter.

(2018)Cognitive complaints and predictors of perceived cognitive dysfunction in adults with major depressive disorder: Findings from the Cognitive Dysfunction in Asians with Depression (CogDAD) study.

(2018)Great expectations: assessing the impact of commercialization-focused policies among Malaysia’s public research institutes.

(2018)Heterogeneity in studies of p16 in cervical lesions in different malaysian institutions: Time to consider collaborative study.

(2018)Inactivation of nuclear factor κB by MIP-based drug combinations augments cell death of breast cancer cells.

penicillin susceptibility of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolated from children admitted to a tertiary teaching hospital in Malaysia.

(2018)Health-related quality of life and psychological distress among cancer survivors in a middle-income country.

(2018)Ramp-rate control approach based on dynamic smoothing parameter to mitigate solar PV output fluctuations.

(2018)2-Aryl-3-(arylideneamino)-1,2-dihydroquinazoline-4(3H)-ones as inhibitors of cholinesterases and self-induced β-amyloid (Aβ) aggregation: biological evaluations and mechanistic insights from molecular dynamics simulations.

(2018)The effect of fiber post location on fracture resistance of endodontically treated maxillary premolars.

(2018)The convenience of takhrij al-hadith through ICT apps: An exploratory analysis on selected hadith website and mobile apps.

(2018)Novel multiplex PCR-RFLP assay discriminates bovine, porcine and fish gelatin substitution in Asian pharmaceuticals capsule shells.

(2018)Does reputation matter in the dividend smoothing policy of emerging market firms?

(2018)Narrow core standard single mode fiber for supercontinuum generation from graphene-based mode-locked pulses.

(2018)Effect of Pseuduvaria macrophylla in attenuating hyperglycemia mediated oxidative stress and inflammatory response in STZ-nicotinamide induced diabetic rats by upregulating insulin secretion and glucose transporter-1, 2 and 4 proteins expression.

(2018)Determination of sofosbuvir and velpatasvir in solid pharmaceutical dosage form by hplc-pda and its application to in vitro dissolution studies.

(2018)Performance and emission opacity of canola and soybean biodiesel fuel in a diesel engine.

(2018)Epidemic dynamics, interactions and predictability of enteroviruses associated with hand, foot and mouth disease in Japan.

(2018)New records of five species of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Myanmar, with descriptions of the male and pupa of Simulium chanyae.

(2018)Five new species of the Simulium decuplum subgroup of the Simulium ( Gomphostilbia ) batoense species-group (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Thailand and their phylogenetic relationships.

(2018)A high-performance control scheme for photovoltaic pumping system under sudden irradiance and load changes.

(2018)Inverse identification of elastic properties of composite materials using hybrid GA-ACO-PSO algorithm.

(2018)Mg2−xMnxSiO4 compound obtained via sol–gel method: structural, morphological and electrochemical properties.

(2018)Nerve ultrasound can distinguish chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy from demyelinating diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy.

(2018)Inelastic deformation of highly aligned dry-spun thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer microfibres.

(2018)Conductivity, dielectric studies and structural properties of P(VA-co-PE) and its application in dye sensitized solar cell.

(2018)Operational utility of the reverse-transcription recombinase polymerase amplification for detection of dengue virus.

(2018)Automatic localization of the left ventricular blood pool centroid in short axis cardiac cine MR images.

(2018)Fully automated segmentation of the left ventricle in cine cardiac MRI using neural network regression.

(2018)Integrative machine learning analysis of multiple gene expression profiles in cervical cancer.

(2018)A case-control study of breast cancer risk factors in 7,663 women in Malaysia.

(2018)A novel computer vision approach to classify the mechanical stability of natural rubber latex concentrate.

(2018)Zebrafish embryonic development-interfering macrolides from Streptomyces californicus impact growth and mitochondrial function in human colorectal cancer cells.

(2018)Occurrence of virulent multidrug-resistant Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium in the pigs, farmers and farm environments in Malaysia.

(2018)New insights into the photocatalytic endocrine disruptors dimethyl phathalate esters degradation by UV/MWCNTs-TiO2 nanocomposites.

(2018)Comparative proteomics reveals that YK51, a 4-Hydroxypandurantin-A analogue, downregulates the expression of proteins associated with dengue virus infection.

(2018)Evaluation of fractionation and delignification efficiencies of deep eutectic solvents on oil palm empty fruit bunch.

(2018)Actual safety performance of the Malaysian offshore oil platforms: Correlations between the leading and lagging indicators.

(2018)Integrating fuzzy expert system and scoring system for safety performance evaluation of offshore oil and gas platforms in Malaysia.

(2018)An assessment of historical Antarctic precipitation and temperature trend using CMIP5 models and reanalysis datasets.

(2018)The effect of mobile messaging apps on cardiac patient knowledge of coronary artery disease risk factors and adherence to a healthy lifestyle.

(2018)Immobilisation of hydroxyapatite-collagen on polydopamine grafted stainless steel 316L: Coating adhesion and in vitro cells evaluation.

(2018)Assessing the ecological health status using macrobenthic communities of tropical coastal water.

(2018)Recent advances on fatigue of rubber after the literature survey by Mars and Fatemi in 2002 and 2004.

(2018)Design and implementation of a non-invasive real-time microwave sensor for assessing water hardness in heat exchangers.

(2018)Seroprevalence of sarcocystosis in the local communities of Pangkor and Tioman Islands using recombinant surface antigens 3 (rSAG3) of Sarcocystis falcatula.

(2018)Effect of lithium iodide on the performance of dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) using poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO)/poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) based gel polymer electrolytes.

(2018)Conducting community-based participatory research in an urban Malaysian community: Lessons learned and challenges in establishing partnerships.

(2018)Trophic discrimination factor and the significance of mangrove litter to benthic detritivorous gastropod, Ellobium aurisjudae (Linnaeus).

(2018)Caffeoylquinic acids induce cell death and cell cycle arrest on HCT 116 cells via formation of extracellular H2O2and quinones.

(2018)Effect of two-stage injection dwell angle on engine combustion and performance characteristics of a common-rail diesel engine fueled with coconut oil methyl esters-diesel fuel blends.

Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde / Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia, 174 (2-3).

(2018)Extraction and recovery of phytochemical components and antioxidative properties in fruit parts of Dacryodes rostrata influenced by different solvents.

(2018)Household indebtedness: How global and domestic macro-economic factors influence credit card debt default in Malaysia.

(2018)All-carbon suspended nanowire sensors as a rapid highly-sensitive label-free chemiresistive biosensing platform.

(2018)Correlation analysis of air pollutant index levels and dengue cases across five different zones in Selangor, Malaysia.

(2018)QuickCount ® : A novel automated software for rapid cell detection and quantification.

(2018)Potential of soft computing approach for evaluating the factors affecting the capacity of steel–concrete composite beam.

Tong, Kind Leng and Mahmood Zuhdi, Ahmad Syadi and Wan Ahmad, Wan Azman and Vanhoutte, Paul and de Magalhaes, Joao and Mustafa, Mohd Rais and Wong, Pooi Fong

(2018)Decision making process and factors contributing to research participation among general practitioners: A grounded theory study.

(2018)3D–printed biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds coated with an oxygen generating system for enhancing engineered tissue survival.

(2018)Implicit aspect extraction in sentiment analysis: Review, taxonomy, oppportunities, and open challenges.

(2018)Enrichment, in vitro, and quantification study of antidiabetic compounds from neglected weed Mimosa pudica using supercritical CO2 and CO2-Soxhlet.

(2018)Organizational learning: Prospective on employees readiness using information system supported learning.

(2018)Tamarindus indica seeds improve carbohydrate and lipid metabolism: An in vivo study.

(2018)Compact wireless IPT system using a modified voltage-fed multi-resonant class EF2 inverter.

(2018)A forensic scheme for revealing post-processed region duplication forgery in suspected images.

(2018)Actor' interaction in the follow-up on performance auditing issues in Malaysia: Uncovering the contributing factors and constraining challenges.

(2018)An experimental study of PCM based finned and un-finned heat sinks for passive cooling of electronics.

(2018)The visible reflectance spectrum stability and water content resistivity of natural dye coating paint film consisting chlorophyll.

(2018)Microfluidic production of bioactive fibrin micro-beads embedded in crosslinked collagen used as an injectable bulking agent for urinary incontinence treatment.

(2018)Antimicrobial and bactericidal impacts of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 on fecal shedding of pathogenic bacteria in dairy calves and adult dogs.

(2018)Metabolomic profiles of tropical Chlorella species in response to physiological changes during nitrogen deprivation.

(2018)Metabolomic profiles of tropical Chlorella and Parachlorella species in response to physiological changes during exponential and stationary growth phase.

(2018)Trends and variations in the prescribing of secondary preventative cardiovascular therapies for non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) in Malaysia.

(2018)A highly sensitive multiplexed FBG pressure transducer based on natural rubber diaphragm and ultrathin aluminium sheet.

(2018)A natural rubber diaphragm based transducer for simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement by using a single FBG.

(2018)Flow pattern analysis in type B aortic dissection patients after stent-grafting repair: Comparison between complete and incomplete false lumen thrombosis.

(2018)Influence of bed deposit in the prediction of incipient sediment motion in sewers using artificial neural networks.

(2018)Single and co-breeding of different mosquito species in fogging-free and dengue risk areas in west Malaysia.

(2018)Impact of rapid urbanization on the modern sedimentary environments in a semienclosed embayment: Tong’an Bay, southeast China coast.

(2018)Moderating role of organisational learning and firm size on risk management maturity in construction firms.

(2018)Novel bufferless photosynthetic microbial fuel cell (PMFCs) for enhanced electrochemical performance.

(2018)Implementation of surface modified carbon cloth electrodes with biochar particles in microbial fuel cells.

(2018)Comparison of photosynthetic pigments and phytoplankton assemblages in two types of coastal regions in Southeast Asia-Indonesian Throughflow and river estuary.

(2018)A narrative review: Risk factors of low back pain in military personnel/recruits.

(2018)Characterization, yield optimization, scale up and biopreservative potential of fermencin SA715, a novel bacteriocin from Lactobacillus fermentum GA715 of goat milk origin.

(2018)Purification, characterization, mode of action, and enhanced production of Salivaricin mmaye1, a novel bacteriocin from Lactobacillus salivarius SPW1 of human gut origin.

(2018)Landscape features and potential heat hazard threat: a spatial–temporal analysis of two urban universities.

(2018)Exploring the needs and challenges of parents and their children in childhood epilepsy care: A qualitative study.

(2018)Fucosterol inhibits the cholinesterase activities and reduces the release of pro-inflammatory mediators in lipopolysaccharide and amyloid-induced microglial cells.

(2018)Identification of potential anticancer protein targets in cytotoxicity mediated by tropical medicinal fern extracts.

(2018)Glycaemic control in type 2 diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease: the impacts on enzymatic antioxidants and soluble RAGE.

(2018)Ectopic expression of a Musa acuminata root hair defective 3 (MaRHD3) in Arabidopsis enhances drought tolerance.

(2018)Elucidating the biogeographical variation of the venom of Naja naja (spectacled cobra) from Pakistan through a venom-decomplexing proteomic study.

(2018)3D CFD simulation and parametric study of a flat plate deflector for vertical axis wind turbine.

(2018)Experimental and simulation investigation into the effects of a flat plate deflector on vertical axis wind turbine.

(2018)Awareness, perception and barriers to seeking information from online academic databases and medical journals as sources of information.

(2018)Strategy model in bus tracking and information application (BTA) towards smart mobility in urban spaces.

(2018)Nanocrystalline K-F zeolite from rice husk silica as an eco-friendly solid base catalyst for the synthesis of jasminaldehyde under microwave irradiation.

(2018)Evaluating new bio-hydrogen producers: Clostridium perfringens strain JJC, Clostridium bifermentans strain WYM and Clostridium sp.

(2018)Performance comparison of feedforward neural network training algorithms in modeling for synthesis of polycaprolactone via biopolymerization.

(2018)Effect of conjugation and aromaticity of 3,6 di-substituted carbazoles on triplet energy and the implication of triplet energy in multiple-cyclic aromatic compounds.

(2018)A novel hybrid energy system combined with solar-road and soil-regenerator: Sensitivity analysis and optimization.

(2018)Fabrication of calixarene-grafted bio-polymeric magnetic composites for magnetic solid phase extraction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in water samples.

(2018)New sporopollenin-based β-cyclodextrin functionalized magnetic hybrid adsorbent for magnetic solid-phase extraction of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs from water samples.

(2018)Synthesis and characterizations of magnetic bio-material sporopollenin for the removal of oil from aqueous environment.

(2018)Influence of big data adoption on manufacturing companies' performance: An integrated DEMATEL-ANFIS approach.

(2018)Predicting the adoption of cloud-based technology using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and structural equation modelling approaches.

(2018)Antibiofilm activity and mode of action of DMSO alone and its combination with afatinib against Gram-negative pathogens.

(2018)Queen polymorphism in Acanthomyrmex careoscrobis Moffett, 1986 in Peninsular Malaysia (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae), with descriptions of hitherto unknown female castes and males.

(2018)Influences of feedstock and plasma spraying parameters on the fabrication of tubular solid oxide fuel cell anodes.

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Trasformasi pusat suber sekolah pada alaf baru.

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