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The much-awaited World AI Show and World Blockchain Summit organised by the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, the Republic of Mauritius in coordination with the Mauritian Economic Development Board and Trescon, was officially inaugurated at the InterContinental Resort, Balaclava Fort, Mauritius on the 28 November 2018, with a special address delivered by Mauritius’ Prime Minister, The Hon.

To support the burgeoning Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence industry of Mauritius, World AI Show and World Blockchain Summit brought together industry experts, technology providers, investors, innovators, government authorities, regional policymakers and emerging startups from all around the world.

The events witnessed over 1200 participants including CIOs, international blockchain and AI experts, technology providers, innovative startups and more than 100 Media attendees;

In his opening address, Mr Mohammed Saleem said, “Following almost 8 months of touring the world, organising the World AI Show successfully at Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore and Mumbai, we are now bringing this popular show to Mauritius, which was till very recently seen as a nascent AI adopter, Mauritius is now gearing up to lead the world in the applications of AI, Machine Learning and Robotics, across both public and private sectors.

During the fascinating conversation, when asked about the scenario of humans being replaced by Robots, Sophia had remarked: “I don’t think that Robots should be built to replace humans, in fact, technology creates new opportunities.”

Startup World Cup – Regional Competition’, organised in association with Fenox VC, is a premier global startup pitch competition where it featured 8 shortlisted startups showcasing their ideas and innovations to an esteemed panel of judges.

Following a grand summit that was hosted in Dubai which saw more than 900+ attendees including governments, enterprises, investors, innovators, corporates, and emerging startups from all around the world, World Blockchain Summit debuted in the Island nation for the first time.

China could surpass the US in artificial intelligence tech. Here's how

'The innovation is still coming from the U.S. and that's thanks to, obviously, a huge network of universities that are fed by the world's greatest talent — not just Chinese engineers coming to the U.S., and computer scientists, but also from India and everywhere else,' Ben Harburg, managing partner at MSA Capital, told CNBC at the East Tech West conference last month.

'China will be where you monetize and, by nature of the beast, eventually they will start to innovate far beyond the U.S. — but a couple years away,' he added.

Panel explores how AI can solve problems, enrich learning

“The dramatic rise of AI and in particular machine learning has made it possible to extract information from data and perform clustering and classification, make predictions, do all sorts of things in ways that are just stunningly effective.” The initiative, a partnership between CIS, the College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell Engineering and the artificial intelligence company r4 Technologies, will support curriculum changes and build industry partnerships to tackle some of society’s most stubborn problems.

“These new courses that we’re developing are allowing students to incorporate data analytics, data skills, data literacy in their curriculum, and give them the opportunity to contribute in a real way to real-life problems,” said Bean, a cosmologist who has seen her own research transform because of the vast amounts of data now available about multiple galaxies.

Panelists Igor Zhuk, r4’s chief data scientist, and David Bradley, r4 executive vice president for solutions, discussed how they help clients make decisions based on data, rather than past experience – an approach with implications ranging from law enforcement to health care to the global food chain.

Panelist Ron Brachman, director of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, said society is still in the earliest stages of the AI transformation – not just in the early innings but “the pre-game warmups.” “We’ve gone in a certain direction to have incredibly powerful, realistic, useful, impactful outcomes, but if you think about where we have to go, as we swing back and think about complementing that with knowledge and … other elements in the broader picture of AI, the horizon is still quite out there,” he said.

International Security and Lethal Autonomous Weapons

With the EU strategy on Artificial Intelligence (AI) adopted in December 2018, the Panel members will over the coming months provide substantive expert input to help ensure the development of AI which can be used in weapons systems fully complies with international law and respects human dignity.

The strategy highlights that the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy will, with the support of the Commission, build on consultations in the United Nations, the Global Tech Panel, and other multilateral fora, and coordinate proposals for addressing these complex security challenges.  How governments should manage the rise of AI to ensure we harness the opportunities while also addressing the threats of the digital era is a major international debate.

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