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About Microsoft R Client

Microsoft R Client is a free, community-supported, data science tool for high performance analytics.

To work with larger data sets or offload heavy processing, you can access a remote production instance of Machine Learning Server from the command line or push the compute context to the remote server.

Machine Learning Server is commercial software that runs on a range of platforms, at much greater scale, with infrastructure for handling major workloads, on client-server topologies that support remote access over authenticated connections.

You can also use it with Machine Learning Server, where you learn and develop on R Client, and then migrate your work to Machine Learning Server or execute it remotely on an Machine Learning Server whenever you need the scale, support, and infrastructure of a server configured for operationalization.

Launch R on the command line or in your IDE and: When ready, you can run that R code using R Client or even send those R commands to a remote Machine Learning Server for execution if Machine Learning Server is also installed in your organization.

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