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Forecasting Stock Returns with TensorFlow, Cloud ML Engine, and Thomson Reuters

Learn how to build a stock price forecasting model using Thomson Reuters tick data in BigQuery, and how to do distributed training of the model using ...

Artificial Intelligence Mega IPO Announced - with Lior Gantz

Artificial Intelligence Mega IPO Announced - with Lior Gantz // Get the free reports here - AI and Globalive: Lior's ..

Jim Cramer: Nvidia Is an Artificial Intelligence Chipmaker

Amid news that SoftBank has taken a $4 billion stake in Nvidia , TheStreet's Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer said the company is an artificial ...

Agenus CEO: Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunity | Mad Money | CNBC

Almost one out of every three people in the United States will develop shingles. Jim Cramer spoke with the CEO of a speculative biotech company that has a ...

How does IBM Watson work?

What is Watson, and how is it helping businesses across the globe to build a smarter future? Watch the complete video to learn about our technology, ...

Artificial Intelligence Calls Tesla Bottom Ahead of Earnings Proving 100% Accuracy $TSLA

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Creating labels for Machine Learning - Python Programming for Finance p. 11

Creating labels from our S&P 500 company data for our machine learning algorithm. .

Penny Stock Picks OTCQB EPAZ Cloud Based Software

Penny stock picks company. Epazz provides Fortune 500 companies, governments and health providers critical software ..

Quick way to get Live Stock Data to Excel

This is the fast way to get some live data into excel. It's not perfect and there's a 1 minute delay but it's a good start. I wanted to get something up for the people ...

What Does the Future Hold for HIVE Blockchain?

Frank Holmes met with Vasudha Sharma of Small Cap Power to discuss where HIVE Blockchain Technologies has been and where it may be headed.