AI News, 8th NYAS Machine Learning Symposium 2014

8th NYAS Machine Learning Symposium 2014

I attended to NYAS 8th Machine Learning Symposium and here are the notes that

Relevant work is Posterior Regularization(PR) Linear Ganchev She showed that it performs better than both CRF and Graph based approaches in her poster, but she did not compare speed of this approach with CRF or Graph based approaches.

It is likely the method is slower than CRF but, I am not very familiar Graph based approaches and joint objective could be quite hard to optimize.

to learn which genome type has effect on which fish trait, they propose

Google and Facebook get a lot of coverage for deep learning and that maybe rightly so, but IBM is also a strong player in the area.

and you did not have that sample in the training set, you could 'guess' the word from the sequence of phones.


The role of general internists is crucial to identifying patients who require lymph node biopsy through a detailed history and physical exam.

Most cases of unicentric Castleman's disease are asymptomatic, the median age of the patient is approximately 35, it occurs equally in males and females, and the median size of the lesion is 5 to 9 cm.

A plasma cell dyscrasia which includes polyneuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy, monoclonal gammopathy and skin changes (POEMS syndrome) is sometimes associated with Castleman's disease.

In contrast, multicentric Castleman's disease usually occurs in patients with a median age between 52 and 65, and presents with systemic symptoms such as fever, malaise, weight loss, and peripheral lymphadenopathy.

Mediastinal and abdominal lymphadenopathy is less common at presentation although approximately 50% will progress to involve mediastinal or abdominal lymph nodes.

Master Degree Project

A Master´s Degree Projects of 30 credits equals approximately one semester full time work.

degree project is often the largest, most important individual element of your educational programme and is of interest for many future employers.  The purpose of a degree project is to provide you with experience in research as well as in working life and to develop your ability to: It is the responsibility of the student to find a suitable topic for the degree project, the project must be related to the subject area of your master programme. It is advisable to contact the Programme Director, to discuss this.

Depending on the department you might have contact with your examiner to a different extent, but it is always the examiner that decides whether or not your degree project is approved. When doing your degree project at a company you will have a supervisor there as well.

Kent - FF (Video)

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