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When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information through your browser, usually in the form of cookies.

17 Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins for 2019

A website serves multiple purposes –

But if you offer your visitors a way to get a quick response by asking a question, that’s sure to delight them.

A live chat option can help answer a customer’s specific queries and increase the chances of conversions.

Even otherwise, it’s a facile way to start a conversation with your customers or even a casual visitor and get them to spend more time on your website.

live chat option is a convenient way for visitors to clear any doubts or gather any information about your product.

It helps you become aware of the niggling concerns that customers have about your product or service, and address them quickly.

As a bonus, it helps you to run your business as a lean organization by reducing the number of customer service staff and optimizing their services.

It can reduce abandoned carts, and the chat records can serve as a readily available base for any future campaigns.

Let’s start with our plugin list, Though you can download the LiveChat plugin for free, you’ll need a premium subscription to use it beyond the thirty-day free trial period.

The built-in ticketing system ensures 24 x 7 customer support by replacing the chat widget when no operators are available.

If you wish, you can give your chatbox a custom look by adding your company logo and choosing custom colors.

It packs in a number of security features including credit card masking and two-step verification.

LiveChat integrates seamlessly with third-party apps and help desk software like Zendesk and Freshdesk, as well as customer relationship management apps (CRM) such as HubSpot, Salesforce and two social media platforms –

If you happen to be offline, you can flash a request asking visitors to leave an email id to receive a response.

After a seven day trial period, you can pay up and continue to use the pro version or downgrade to the free version.

You can start a live chat with your website visitors and write a personalized message for them knowing their location, what they are looking for and in some cases even their name.

You’ll find a number of quality plugins in the WordPress repository that can help you add a live chat box to your website.

There’s no involvement of third party connections, though an option is available to host chats on WP Live Chat Support’s servers, instead of your own website.

Hosting on third party server improves response time and reduces the load on your host server.

To gather feedback on the support you offer using the chat box, you can add surveys or polls to them before or after a chat session.

A desktop notification will alert you of any chat request, and you can insist on email submission to initiate a chat.

A premium version enables live chat encryption, allows you to set up a user profile, add your company logo and exclude chat box from some pages.

When it comes to commonly asked questions, you can fall back on ready-made answers.  The pro version allows you to add chat boxes to any number of websites, send SMS notifications and includes Real Time Analytics and Visitor Tracking.

The free version allows only one concurrent chat at a time and maintains chat records for only fourteen days.

Using a URL based filter, it’s possible to display or hide the chat box on specific pages.

A record of all chats is kept and you can access it using a shortcode. The free version comes with branding and includes standard features like sharing files and banning IPs.

The premium plugin supports unlimited chat rooms, group chats, chat moderation and retains chat records for longer periods.

If you figured out that WhatsApp is the application that your users and customers are most familiar with, by all means, bring it to your page and keep the conversations going.

While the free plugin will let you benefit your users to some extent, there is also a premium version available which unlocks a whole new specter of features.

You can now integrate a whole marketing system to your WordPress page and take your business or any other online project to a whole new level.

With HubSpot, you can grow your mailing leads, generate leads and keep all your soon-to-be clients satisfied with a nifty live chat feature.

Instead of keeping the conversation going only through email, you can now add a new remarkable addition to your page that will enhance customer support through the roof.

Indeed, REVE Chat is optimized for mobile devices and all modern web browsers as well and delivers an average of 99.8% uptime.

Wise Chat is a plugin with a focus on social networks and improving user engagement using real-time chat facility.

Three simple themes are available to style your chat and a number of settings too are available to configure the plugin the way you want.

A single sign-on into both website and chat is possible, and you can make a chat read-only and insist on registration for posting a message.

You can have multiple lines and allow users to include clickable links and images, as well as attach files.

Desktop notifications can be set up for new user and for auto-clean of messages beyond a specific number of days.

In addition, you can moderate chats, filter images, ban IPs automatically for exceeding the specific limit on abusive words.

The plugin detects Twitter hashtags and converts them into links, and can back up messages from a single chat room into a CSV file.

Pro features include avatars to enhance the appearance of the chats, display of chat in Facebook like mode, BuddyPress integration and multisite support.

Also available in the pro version are six themes to change the look of the chat box, custom emoticons and chat moderation.

The plugin maintains chat transcripts, allows email customization and export of email data.

They also enable monitoring in real-time and allow you to chat over mobile devices using mobile apps.

The plugin alerts you via a desktop notification when a visitor requests a chat and can handle up to a hundred chats at the same time.

This plugin comes with options to customize colors, offering a choice of colors for the chatbox, header, and buttons.

You can adjust the height and width of the box, as well as change the text messages that appear in the chatbox to suit your specific needs.

Instead of waiting for email responses or dialing in your phone number, they can get an instant reply via a live chat.

First and foremost, the tool follows all the latest web and tech practices to ensure a fantastic customer service live chat experience.

From color theme and main button size to menu color, left/right alignment and separate configurations for mobile and desktop, All-in-One Support Button takes things to an entirely new degree.

Live chat plugins are a perfect tool for businesses of all sizes that want to be available to their customers at any time of day or night.

The plugins enable online stores to close more sales and improve customer satisfaction in a huge way.

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