AI News, 6 big data and cloud security concerns to watch in 2018

6 big data and cloud security concerns to watch in 2018

Consider for a moment the following security breaches, each of which took place in public or private cloud computing systems: The incidents highlighted above all arose from a similar trend—companies being in such a rush to implement cloud computing and Big Data solutions that they took a careless approach to security.

Securing trusted environments should incorporate techniques such as anomaly detection, in which an employee’s baseline interactions with Big Data systems are established, and any abnormal behavior such as accessing new directories can trigger alerts for closer scrutiny of such employees.

Cloud Backups It’s imperative to create data backups in on-premise systems because data security does not solely revolve around malicious threats: good data security also protects data from corruption or loss.

However, it’s just as important to back up data stored in the cloud, because, after all, cloud computers are still vulnerable to natural disasters or cloud provider errors that result in potential data loss.

Furthermore, any good identity and access management system must allow IT administrators to manage users across all enterprise systems, both cloud and on-premises, in a consistent, visible, and scalable manner.

Security Automation Cloud adoption and the Big Data economy present a huge challenge for IT staff in continuously tracking data to identify, categorize, and protect highly sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), and intellectual property.

Modern solutions leveraging innovative technologies such as machine learning can become stalwarts of the cloud computing security landscape by automating the typically labor-intensive task of understanding where sensitive data is stored and the methods used to access it.

By taking specific steps, such as to create AWS snapshots for disaster recovery, and following broader guidelines, like performing due diligence, enterprises can ensure the continued security of their data, regardless of the systems on which it’s processed, stored, and analyzed.

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