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According to a recent article in Forbes, “…a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle will be the epitome of AI and 5G technology.”

are especially interested in how the business case for their investments in Big Data, Cloud, and IoT applications will be enhanced by AI and 5G networks.

According to a recent article in Forbes, “…a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle will be the epitome of AI and 5G technology.”

are especially interested in how the business case for their investments in Big Data, Cloud, and IoT applications will be enhanced by AI and 5G networks.

Ali Imran, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Advisor, AISON This presentation will discuss how mobile operators will integrate AI enabled deep automation with their 5G networks for RAN management and optimization.

The three major US mobile operators plan to rollout 5G networks in 2019-20, and each one claims that AI and machine learning will help them transform IoT, the factory floor, autonomous cars and the health care industry.

3:25 Networking Break 3:40 PANEL: 5G and AI Partnership Collaboration Industry Roundtable Leading operators and their vendors are collaborating to investigate the potential of AI and machine learning to accelerate 5G network planning, radio resource management, and traffic prediction.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, robotics and other disruptive technologies converge at IoTSWC

Digitalisation is making a relentless headway and transforming all kinds of industries and economic sectors, as a result of which many companies are assessing the most suitable technologies to invest in.

To help them in their decision-making and implementation, the time has come for another IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC), the international flagship event that will bring together more than 400 exhibitors, including the world’s leading suppliers of IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions.

It’s the largest international event devoted to the industrial internet and, throughout its history, has complemented its offering with other converging technologies that are accelerating the digital transformation of sectors such as transport, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, utilities, construction, infrastructure, retail, and agriculture, among others.

The companies set to attend include those from the information technology sector, software platform developers, cybersecurity companies, service and telecommunications providers, industrial automation firms, consultancy firms, hardware manufacturers, technological and R&D centres, incubators, associations and IoT-related entities.

new feature of this year’s fair will be a specific area called IoT Solutions.Font, which will provide visibility for start-ups with original and innovative IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain based products and services that have already been tested in the market and with potential for internationalisation.

a solution to check gas distribution networks, reducing energy losses and preventing fraud, a platform that combines IoT, artificial intelligence and 5G to provide predictive medical care and handle emergencies affecting the elderly and chronically ill;

In addition, the 200+ sessions of the congress will be divided into nine thematic areas: IoT enabling technologies, connected transport, manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare, buildings and infrastructure, open industry, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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