AI News, 5 ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources

5 ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources

Human Resources (HR) have been experiencing significant changes thanks to the evolution of information technologies in the last two decades.

Bearing in mind that employee engagement programs boost company revenue by 26%, it is clear that you should accept AI solutions to strengthen your team and gain some long-term benefits.

Namely, talent acquisition software can scan, read, and evaluate applicants and quickly eliminate 75% of them from the recruiting process.

This is a huge benefit as it allows the recruiter to spend more time analyzing and evaluating only a smaller group of eligible candidates.

Adaptation is the second step in the process as many prospects can’t fit in the new environment due to lack of onboarding procedures.

This proved to be extremely productive in practice since new workers who went through well-planned onboarding programs had much higher retention rates than their peers who didn’t have the same opportunity.

With so many technological changes happening almost on a monthly basis, it is crucial for all employees to keep learning and improving professional skills.

But this is not the only job of AI because it also determines the best timeframe for new courses and schedules lessons so as to fit the preferences of all employees individually.

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