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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Sphere

When digital marketers come across the word “artificial intelligence,” they immediately think of the “RankBrain” algorithm.

These are big numbers and digital marketers need to understand this fact and start planning strategies to optimize websites for voice search along with the traditional text-based search.

Here are some insanely useful ways to pump up your digital marketing efforts by using AI: Propensity models are statistical scorecards that are built to identify prospects who are more likely to respond to an offer.

Source In October 2015, Google announced AMP webpages, which are a lighter version of the traditional webpages and aim to drastically improve the performance of the mobile web, such as reducing page load time to improve the user experience.

Learn More: Using Google AMP to Boost Site Speed and Mobile Optimization Most businesses are already aware of live chatbots, or artificial intelligence systems that you chat with in an instant messaging format, and many are already using this feature on their site.

Make your website stand out from others in your field.” Recently, NAB (National Australia Bank) launched a customer assistance chatbot to help customers find answers to common banking queries.

It analyzes trillions of search queries and activity across millions of websites to help figure out when people are close to buying and surface ads that will be more relevant and interesting to them.” In other words, in-market audiences uses the power of machine learning to unlock new opportunities for marketers.

Wordsmith, a natural language generation (NLG) engine “that lets you turn data into text at any scale and in any format or language,” was able to create around 1.5 billion human-sounding articles in 2016. AI isn’t able to write natural-sounding content for every topic, but it is useful for some types of data-focused content such as “quarterly earnings reports, sports matches, and market data.”

As per an article published on Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute: “Acrolinx uses a variety of techniques in its multilingual natural language processing (NLP) engine, including machine learning and knowledge-based approaches to ensure the best combination of scalability and precision.”

AI cannot replace niche content experts, but they can certainly boost the production of content based on sports matches, financial reports and market data.

Rare Carat uses IBM Watson technology that allows prospects compare diamond prices across various online retailers so that the buyers are able to find the right diamond at the right price.

The New York-based startup and e-commerce platform for buying diamonds does this with the help of an AI-powered robot called “Rocky.” The robot is able to answer all the queries associated with diamonds and also assists buyers with purchasing a ring at the best price.

Develop local website content that would spark the interest of the people in your area and make use of structured markup to make it easier for the search engines to understand the context of the page.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Lighten Employee Workloads

Despite concerns about job redundancies and shifting enterprise priorities, recent research from global auditing company PwC suggests that, far from hindering employees or even making some jobs obsolete, AI will help workers achieve business objectives quicker and more effectively.

The research, part of PwC's Economic Outlook for 2018, predicted the main contributor to the UK's economic gains between 2017 and 2030 will come from consumer product enhancements stimulating consumer demand (8.4 percent).

According to the report, AI-driven increases in labor productivity will also boost GDP gains as firms seek to 'augment' the productivity of their labor force with AI technologies and by automating some tasks and roles.

Related Article: Why AI Still Has a Way to Go in the Digital Workplace According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research in tandem with Austin, Texas-based M-Files, nearly 50 percent of workers said they have struggled with documents and content scattered in disparate locations across their organization.

In addition, Trevor Cookson, AI product manager at M-Files said, the survey found 40 percent of workers had to search three or more locations to find a file or document and that nearly half of workers were unsure if they had the most recent version.

Contact center agents believe that technology innovations in the next two to three years will positively affect their jobs, with 17 percent naming speech analytics as the tool that will have the biggest impact.

He said with Alexa, Siri, Cortana and other voice assistants on the rise at home, workers want their own voice-activated personal assistants in the office to help perform business tasks and make their job easier.

Drawing upon a wide variety of internal data, such as exit interviews, employee reviews and pulse scores, AI could continually monitor employee morale, allowing companies to adjust their practices as needed, better engage workers and reduce high turnover, she said.

When coupled with analytics, AI programming helps leaders make better employee, customer and production decisions based on both existing circumstances and AI-predicted future events, said Jimmy Carroll, partner and director at Chicago-based unified communications providerTetraVX.

5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence Today

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are often associated with tech giants like Google and Amazon that have created the most popular machine learning libraries and platforms.

CRM systems are designed to compile information about consumers across different channels (e.g email, phone, social media) and to provide sales forces with an integrated environment to manage interactions with current and prospective consumers, and automate marketing and lead generation.

Einstein AI can help small businesses analyze consumer sentiments in recorded phone conversations, emails, social media postsand customer reviews, evaluate the customer feedback, and adjust marketing and lead generation activities accordingly.

However, the quality of customer service might deteriorate when support agents have to perform menial and repetitive tasks instead of focusing on unique support experiences for consumers.

By using AI in their customer service, small businesses can radically reduce average handling time and automate repetitive questions to reach the ultimate goal of improving employee and customer satisfaction.

Small businesses can entrust their marketing campaigns to such AI-powered platforms as Acquisio,whichmanages marketing operations across multiple channels (e.g Adwords, Facebook, Bing), analyzing advertising performance and making informed suggestions about the best budget distributions in terms of PPC (pay per click).

Using AI marketing solutions, small companies can find the best marketing strategy and dramatically reduce their CPC (cost per click) thanks to the sentiment analysis algorithms that analyze customer engagement with their marketing campaigns.

Crayon AI can track your competitors across different channels (websites, social media, web applications), identifying price changes and subtle modifications in messaging and PR activities.

Instead of hiring additional data scientists and marketing specialists, small companies can use third-party tools with easy-to-use interfaces and efficient machine learning functionality to plug their data and workflow into intelligent platforms.

5 Ways AI can Improve your PPC

With more and more budget being directed towards digital media, the PPC auction is becoming ever more competitive, making it a tough world for digital marketers.

Today, AI is making great strides forwards, as computer processing power is at last able to afford experts in the field the opportunity to deploy increasingly sophisticated AI programs.

This guide explores five ways AI can improve your PPC and aims to give some insights on how AI can drive lead generation or sales, reduce cost per lead or per sale, free up your time to focus on other tasks and take your business to the next level.

For some brands, to compete using competitor brand terms would go against their brand so much that the performance gained isn't worth the perceived losses in brand positioning, even if logically they are in the same space.

AI is especially powerful here as it can assess endless variants in real time, a task that no solely human team could possibly complete.

It can automatically manage PPC in multiple regional locations For brands with complex business requirements across digital and physical store presences, running PPC campaigns that keep pace with the demands of national presence can be overwhelming.

Reactions to local changes such as capacity, opening times, local competition, local demand spikes, local search behaviour and so on, happen instantaneously.

Even where sophisticated tools are doing a good job, integrated AI will still have the edge as it is free from any cognitive bias or the limitations of any human intervention to discover and test new terms.

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