AI News, 5 ways artificial intelligence is driving the automobile industry

5 ways artificial intelligence is driving the automobile industry

Artificial intelligence is taking the automobile industry by storm while all the major automobile players are utilizing their resources and technology to come up with the best.

Through techniques like sensor fusion and deep learning, researchers were able to develop a technology that would help build a three dimensional map of all the activities that happen around the car.

Some of the leading tech and automotive giants like Google and Tesla are spending millions of dollars in research to come up with better technology and to make autonomous cars a commercial reality.

Toyota has gone a step further and has brought together Big data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create highly responsive autonomous systems that aid in mobility for those who are “less able to drive”.

Cognitive Capabilities The driverless revolution will continue to cruise along the streets, and you will be witness to not just small cars with AI capabilities, but huge 18-wheel trucks carrying an assortment of goods as well.

This is taken a step further with cognitive analysis that kind of imitates the human behavior by looking at the behavior patterns and data mining capabilities.

In the infotainment category, you can expect a spike in features like speech recognition, eye tracking, monitoring driving, gesture recognition, and database of natural languages.

Eventually, this will also go a step further to consider driver condition evaluation, camera-attached machine vision systems, sensor fusion engine control units and radar-based detection units.

There are infotainment human machine interfaces already attached to vehicles and this can monitor and act according to the algorithms collected from cloud-based neural networks.

Thanks to tremendous computational power that’s available at their disposal developers have been able to create apps that have taken artificial Intelligence to a whole new level of excellence.

And it is not just about cars that drive on its own, and act as a real driver would in various circumstances, AI would also help in building cheaper cars that can sense the environment and navigate through all the hindrances that may come up during driving.

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