AI News, 3D reconstruction of hidden branch structures made by using image analysis and AI tech

3D reconstruction of hidden branch structures made by using image analysis and AI tech

By combining the original image-to-image translation approach in a Bayesian deep learning framework and 3D reconstruction, a group of researchers led by Fumio Okura estimated the existence probability of branches that are hidden under leaves in images obtained.

They will be greatly helpful in realizing future cultivation technology to allow for (a) detailed daily management of branch/leaf level process of growing plants in places where cultivators' vision can't reach by filming with a drone or robot, (b) coming up with best trimming or pruning methods for plants, and (c) forecasting future growth of plants.

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03:28 谁能在一分钟内打败“世界最强磁铁”; 20:47 高一“口才帝”挑战清华学霸陈鲲羽; 30:02 撒贝宁尼格买提“摆臀舞”齐燃卡路里; 35:05 “防风...

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E' stato scritto che vi sono due storie: la storia ufficiale, menzognera, che ci viene insegnata, e la storia segreta dove si trovano le vere cause degli avvenimenti; ...

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