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AI Consulting: In-depth Guide with Top AI Consultants of 2019

Different consulting companies have different estimates but companies like McKinsey, PwC all rightly claim that AI is a multi trillion dollar economic opportunity for the world which will be unlocked in the next decade.

For example, a translation services company needs to make dramatic changes to its business to ensure that it survives in 5-10 years when Google translate reaches human level translation capabilities.

It is helpful to have strategy sessions envisioning 5-10 years into the future, helping executives understand the future of AI so they can identify how their business needs to start changing today.

Implementation should also be considered as multiple activities such as planning, vendor selection if needed, project management, development, improvement of business processes impacted by the project, change management and so on.

However, for example, if the client lacks the tech know-how to implement urgent initiatives, starting with consultants can help the client progress faster.

However, please bear in mind that, in the long run relying on consultants completely for implementation will likely be more expensive than completing those activities in-house.

Traditional consulting firms such as MBB (McKinsey, BCG, Bain) have been active in strategy side of things for a long time, but as the greater dependence on data continues, companies’

So this raises the question of whether consulting will be able to survive without artificial intelligence implementation or not.  Those two industries will likely to become more interlinked because of the advantages of a possible partnership.

They are focusing on AI applications, educating executives on AI and identifying limits of AI: Though launched as accounting companies in early 1900s, Big 4 (Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG) have been running consulting businesses for >50 years.

Big 4 accounting firms are some of the largest employers in the world and they have deep enough pockets to make large investments in this space and they have the business development know-how and resources to make partnerships across the AI ecosystem to deliver end-to-end services.

Their teams have gained substantial expertise in handling massive amounts of data through their specific cloud architecture, and for a data-intensive activity like artificial intelligence, they can provide the right advisory for their clients.

These companies have productized their solutions to some degree however, they still engage with their enterprise clients in labor intensive engagement which involves customizing and integrating their product into clients’

This is not a comprehensive list yet, please feel free to add other firms to comments GoodAI Consulting is an AI-focused consulting firm using artificial intelligence solutions to maximize business success for companies and organizations across a range of industries.

The company analyzes how AI can help a client’s business, do the necessary research legwork on their behalf, and implement practical solutions.

Even though artificial intelligence provides huge scalability advantages, integration into a differently sized organization requires a different type of focus points.

Therefore, some artificial intelligence consulting firms choose to focus on small and medium enterprises and provide custom tailored solutions WildFire is an example of these consulting firms.

The company helps fortune 3000 and smaller companies with an end to end AI, big data strategy, and implementation.

But it is relatively early to make accurate predictions, tech giants could easily dominate AI solutions by buying off AI startups and hiring researchers as they have been doing for the past year.

A recent Harvard Business Review article claims that in near future even the elite consultants face the risk of getting replaced by artificial intelligence.

AI’s matrices are a million by a million.” McKinsey’s acquisition of QuantumBlack  and BCG setting up Gamma are viewed as an attempt to take their share out of the growing AI consulting market.

Effect.AI — October Update

To give you a little perspective on how big this service is, Brendan Blumer, Co-Founder, and CEO of Block.One has been quoted: This step of translating WordProof’s Timestamp plugin is just the beginning of many projects on WordPress that Rosette.AI is poised to provide services for.

In fact, the entire team behind Rosette.AI has discovered a new, very lucrative market for translations and transcriptions.

Organizations, governments, influencers, students… basically, everyone these days has a YouTube account and if you’re not posting videos you’re watching them.

With so many languages spoken all over the world, content creators have always struggled with connecting to a larger, global audience.

Utilizing the power of human intelligence from Effect Force, Rosette.AI bridges this gap and provides a way for all YouTube content to be translated into several different languages to supply YouTube videos with perfectly transcribed captions in 10’s of languages.

When the content on YouTube has accurate transcriptions, in more languages than just English, that content is precisely identifiable and included in relevant search queries.

Very soon we will see many YouTube content creators using Rosette.AI to tap into new markets with their new and existing content.

State of the DApps focuses on being an informative and educative platform for showcasing decentralised applications built on various blockchains and consolidating objective and honest data on these DApps and their activities.

For token holders that did miss the migration, the swap portal will re-open for a limited time on Friday October 31st, 12:30 CET.

Don’t miss your chance to swap :) Emerging Horizons webinar with Olivier Rikken On the 17th of October, Effect.AI CTO Jesse Eisses was a guest on the live webinar Emerging Horizons hosted by Olivier Rikken.

blockchain-related ecosystem, coming together to collectively solve common challenges and create a bright future.

We value being a part of an ecosystem that brings together diverse organizations working on creating decentralized AI.

BISTel and SK Telecom Announce Grandview® APM Powered by Metatron®

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–BISTel, the market leading supplier of automation, engineering and adaptive intelligence (A.I.) applications for smart manufacturing introduced Grandview® Asset Performance Management (APM), powered by Metatron®, a cloud based, IoT enabled asset performance management solution that offers real-time equipment health monitoring and A.I.

based solution performs real-time fault detection, fault classification and fault prediction to cut equipment maintenance costs substantially and extend the life equipment.

Grandview® APM achieves constant uptime of production equipment, greatly reduces equipment maintenance costs and provides substantial operational efficiencies across the entire factory.

Traditional health monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions are slow, require significant user intervention, are localized, take a long time to deploy and require significant IT resources and other costly support.

“Grandview® APM by Metatron® revolutionizes factory performance by creating data driven smart factories that connect all areas of manufacturing, provide customers with 100 percent visibility into the performance of their assets and access to real-time, actionable insights to better manage the health and performance of their assets,” said W.K.

applications built on a powerful, proven and user friendly IoT platforms like Metatron® will mitigate risk, substantially boost production efficiency and maintain constant uptime of equipment and other assets across the factory,” added Choi.

BISTel’s intelligent manufacturing solutions collect and manage data, monitor the health of equipment, optimize process flows, analyze large data, quickly identify root cause failures to mitigate risk, predict issues before they occur and extend the life of equipment through industry leading predictive analytics.

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