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42 Best Landing Page Examples to Inspire Yours in 2020 [Updated]

A landing page is no ordinary website terrain.

Like an alien discovering a new planet, a prospect 'lands' there giving you the opportunityto make them an offer, gather their information, and 'make contact.'

You have a new offer, grab your go-to template, clone the same form you use every time...Where's the sense of adventure?

The landing page examples I share here come from a wide range of industries and feature unique designs guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and inspire lead generation genius.

At the end of the day, a great landing page is simply one that clearly defines its value to its audience and generates leads, but the most effective way to do this depends on your specific audience, brand, and industry.

Many great landing pages including several of the examples below incorporate features like: So, test different things out!

Below each landing page example in this piece, I've included a summary of what the brand did right so you can get some ideas of what to include in your own design to increase conversions and overall success.

No surprise, but HubSpot demonstrates some of the most effective, traditional techniques for a proper landing page in this example.

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