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Next-Gen Robots Are Consummate Team Players

In under five years, IDC analysts predict 40 percent of Global 2000 manufacturers will digitally connect at least 30 percent of robots to a cloud platform for improved operational efficiency and agility.

But the three examples of SAP co-innovation I saw broke new ground in human-computer interaction, impacting daily and strategic business processes to dramatically change the employee and customer experience.

have significantly decreased: “Some of our customers report 30 percent savings for each item picked.” The robot story only got better as Owen walked me through the next example in a supermarket, which used the SAP Supply Chain Control Tower solution.

As I watched the screen display, up popped an actual image of the shelf in real time, showing the exact location in the store, product names and sizes, and the status of the alert.

“For example, you could add temperature indicators to show the local temperature and look at trending products that come on sale when certain weather events happen.” If robots can help retailers have cleaner stores stocked with the right products, it’s certain many more companies will put out the welcome mat for this next generation of machines.

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