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3 ways marketing AI will advance in 2019

A recent survey found that more than half of marketers already leverage AI in some capacity, with an additional 27 percent planing to use it over the next two years.

That’s because the right AI methodology not only helps marketers improve one-to-one targeting accuracy on the data-driven channel but also delivers scale, which remains marketer’s number one complaint when it comes to advanced TV.

We’ll also see experimental marketers embrace AI across additional programmatic channels, such as programmatic radio and direct mail, which will help drive further education, development and adoption across the martech ecosystem.

In 2019, more technology companies will drive transparency initiatives while more brands and agencies will demand increased insight, ushering in a more transparent age of AI.

Following this trend, more martech providers who play in data will open up the visibility of their databases and technology via client data, audience and artificial intelligence insights to help marketers understand what data is in use, how it’s being leveraged and how it’s working.

Further, marketers will gain a more nuanced understanding of how these methodologies align with business requirements including compliance, transparency, cost, goals and timing.

Advanced targeting, AI transparency and increased education are all trend lines that can be seen in 2018, but their upward trajectory will be exponential in the coming year.

AI, automation and analytics: 3 critical strategies for CMOs in 2019, and beyond

The digital revolution has triggered tidal waves of innovation and change that show no sign of slowing down.

Technology now accounts for a whopping 29 percent of the total marketing expense budget, making martech the single largest area of investment when it comes to marketing resources and programs.

While you have likely been planning your 2019 strategy for months now, it’s important to keep your eye on that next horizon — on the impactful changes you’ll be able to make in the coming 24 months.

There’s a push to explore the myriad ways AI can improve data collection and analysis, create organizational efficiencies, enhance the customer experience and ultimately drive greater ROI.

Meanwhile, 56 percent of senior AI professionals peg a lack of qualified workers as the single greatest barrier to AI implementation (Ernst &

In the coming year, we’ll see a lot of first-adopted AI applications fade away as organizations track and analyze performance data and rethink their strategy.

The volume of data created worldwide is growing at a staggering 40 percent per year, feeding a near-unimaginable level of intelligence into organizations attempting to make sense of and activate it.

As consumers increasingly move away from the touch interface and instead choose to converse with search engines and personal assistants, we’ll gain and even deeper understanding of intent at every point in the customer journey.

They’re figuring out a stack with AI-powered tools in all the right places — tools that enable them to come to consumers with a better informed, more compelling experience on any device or platform.

Even a decade ago, it was inconceivable to all but the most forward-looking visionaries that communicating directly with customers could be an automated task that actually improves customer experience.

In fact, 45 percent of end users actually prefer conversing with a chatbot as their primary method of communicating with customer service.

Today, you can automate search campaigns, email campaigns, lead flow processes, analytics, content promotion, interactions triggered by actions within your CRM, and more.

Marketing and customer analytics have been named by 40 percent of CMOs as the top capabilities needed to support the delivery of their marketing strategies over the next 18 months.

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