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Five Predictions For AI In Marketing In 2019

More importantly, studies show that three-quarters of businesses improve revenue with AI-driven marketing.Netflix has projected that its AI-powered personalized recommendations save it $1 billion in revenue annually by avoiding canceled subscriptions via engaging customers with relevant content.

Early adopters have shown how AI in marketing makes them more efficient, productive and effective by simplifying, accelerating and scaling marketing initiatives while removing many complexities inherent in marketing today.

Similarly, our company's recent benchmark analysis of 3.8 billion marketing interactions across channels and verticals found that AI-powered marketing campaigns increase customer engagement by seven times and revenue by three times by helping marketers be more targeted, more relevant in their content and more effective with how they engage each individual customer.

What this means for marketers: AI-powered decision engines can solve the increasingly complex customer journey by optimizing, personalizing, and guiding every aspect of customers’ self-guided journeys with your brand.

After the initial AI learning curve and period of laying the groundwork with strategy, processes and people, marketers will start pushing the boundaries of their programs and experimenting with new strategies, taking a bigger leap every time.

That’s why the recent Business Insider Intelligence report found that “when asked to choose which trending technology they felt most unprepared for, 34% of global marketing executives chose AI.” The growth in AI in 2019 and beyond will be fueled by “explainable AI” in which marketers can see what factors influence predictions and can control the parameters that guide AI.

Marketing AI Companies Providing Real Return On Investment Will Emerge From The Noise Last year, Gartner analysts predicted that “by 2020, AI technologies will be virtually pervasive in almost every new software product and service.” We’re already seeing this prediction play out with a proliferation of marketing software providers -- emerging and incumbent -- adding AI to their product strategies and pivoting their messaging to claim AI capabilities.

New Wave of Artificial Intelligence Tech in Everyday Life

It’s a new year, which mans a new set of predictions for the next 12 months in the tech world.

While of course no one has a foolproof crystal ball, there’s a lot of hype and excitement/optimism for big-idea tech like autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality to make big strides this year.

The beginning of 2018 rode in on a wave of hype for autonomous vehicles, with Alphabet’s Waymo well on its way to launching a driverless taxi service in Phoenix, AZ, and Uber busily logging millions of test miles with its own fleet of self-driving vehicles.

But as the year played out with several autonomous vehicle accidents and fatalities making the news, many of the big players in driverless car development pressed pause for a bit while they took time to evaluate their algorithms, systems and hardware.

Driverless car tech has advanced a great deal over the past three years however, and many are now predicting that 2019 will be the year to see the first fully autonomous cross-country trip, where a driverless car traverses the breadth of the country without the safety driver needing to take control of the vehicle, disengaging the autonomous driving mode.

“Deployment of the first autonomous vehicles (not to be confused with automated driving) will be in very specific areas where these companies have extensive experience and miles driven, as well as clear geofences or operational design domains and clear limitations/expectations of the technology.

Doing the same with an automated driving system (where the driver still has a role to play) may relax the requirements in ODD [operational design domains] or geofences in some way, but that represents a very different technological capability than a fully autonomous vehicle requiring no human operation or supervision.”

While the handful of driverless car accidents in 2018 slowed down some anticipated deployments, there is a lot of optimism for 2019 to see the official launch of a commercial ride sharing service comprised entirely of autonomous vehicles—even if it may be on the small scale and limited to only a few cities.

Other start-up efforts include a deal between Kroger grocery stores and start-up Nuro to deliver groceries using a fully autonomous vehicle called the R1, or the company Voyage offering self-driving taxi service at a Florida retirement community called the Villages.

The development and improvement of ADAS systems is directly beneficial to AVs, since the technologies for autonomous and connected vehicles overlap with ADAS systems—this includes LIDAR, sensors, cameras and imaging, as well as automatic braking systems, improved reaction times, and situational awareness.

CES 2019 led the way, with the high-tech extravaganza showcasing dozens of AI-enabled devices and applications for everything from toys and entertainment to commercial and industrial uses, but AI has also been cropping up in many smart devices and services.

Smart digital assistants that can manage our homes, entertainment, appointments and email—not to mention monitor our health and fitness activity—are anticipated to start becoming commonplace this year.

Data mining and management, business processes, information technology service, and customer support services are among the sectors expected to see a surge of automation via neural networks and machine learning.

“With the number of cybersecurity threats growing each day and increased digitization of assets and processes that could be vulnerable to those threats, it is mathematically impossible for humans to monitor for threats and sift through hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities to determine which to prioritize,”

Healthcare is another sector expected to see a significant increase in the adoption of AR-based technologies, according to Andy Miller, SVP of innovation and product development at AARP: “The aging of the global population will propel AR deeper into the worlds of health, wellness and caregiver support, and innovators will use AR to uncover hidden gems like nutrition applications.

Collaborative retail predictions for 2019

Each year, the National Retail Federation (NRF) conference attracts some of the biggest consumer products and retail brands to New York for a week of ideation and interaction while discussing the biggest trends affecting retail today.

During NRF, I had the pleasure of hosting nearly 150 clients at an innovation showcase in our office. This year with all the great minds from across the industry in one room, I couldn’t help but think of this as a great opportunity to crowdsource the “best of the best” predictions for 2019.

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