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Artificial Intelligence Platform (PFIA), July 1-5 2019, Toulouse

The online PFIA program can be found here (Eventool) The participant files (pratical information, plan, wifi codes…) is here The objective of the Plate-Forme Intelligence Artificielle, or Artificial Intelligence Platform (PFIA), is to gather researchers, companies and students for a number of conferences and workshops focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Past editions took place in Nancy (2018), Caen (2017), Rennes (2015), Lille (2013), Chambéry (2011), Hammamet (2009), Grenoble (2007), Nice (2005), Laval (2003), Grenoble (2001), and Palaiseau (1999).

 Hear from Fortune 500 organisations who are delivering pioneering AI projects EXCLUSIVELY at The AI Summit

This event has been fabulous - we've seen enterprises across industry verticals: financial services, retail, manufacturing, so I think that is what has been awesome about the event.

It's a great mix of people here, sharing the ideas and the experiences, what works and how to approach this in the right way is really critical, which is why this is an important forum.

We call it artificial intelligence, but I believe this is based on real relationships, and that’s what I’ve seen today.

The relationships that have been created and that will be cultivated and built over time thanks to The AI Summit are great – they’re phenomenal.

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Novel application domains including cybersecurity, healthcare, IoT, social media and big data real-world applications are highly welcome.

All papers accepted, accompanied with a signed Consent to Publish form, and presented at AI2019 will be included in the conference proceedings published by the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence (LNCS/LNAI), which are typically indexed by Engineering Index (Compendex), ISI Proceedings/ISTP, and DBLP.

In addition, the corresponding author of each paper, acting on behalf of all of the authors of that paper, must complete and sign a Consent-to-Publish form.

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The Magic of AI with Matt Hausmann (Dell EMC) & Sophia the Robot at O'Reilly AI Conference NY 2019

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AI in 2019

2018 has been an eventful year for AI to say the least! We've seen advances in generative models, the AlphaGo victory, several data breach scandals, and so ...

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