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Group tickets for Global Artificial Intelligence Conference Seattle April 2019

Large amount of data created by various mobile platforms, social media interactions, e-commerce transactions, and IoT provide an opportunity for businesses to effectively tailor their services by effective use of AI.

You Get To Meet You get to meet technical experts, Senior , VC and C-level executives from leading innovators in the AI space (Executives from startups to  large corporations will be at our conference.) Who Should Attend: CEO, EVP/SVP/VP, C-Level, Director, Global Head, Manager, Decision-makers,  Business Executives responsible for AI Intiatives, Heads of Innovation, Heads of Product Development, Analysts, Project managers, Analytics managers, Data Scientist, Statistian, Sales, Marketing, human resources, Engineers, AI &

Software Developers, VCs/Investors, AI Consultants and Service Providers, Architects, Networking specialists, Students, Professional Services, Data Analyst, BI Developer/Architect, QA, Performance Engineers, Data Warehouse Professional, Sales, Pre Sales, Technical Marketing, PM, Teaching Staff,  Delivery Manager and other line-of-business executives What you will learn You'll get up to speed on emerging techniques and technologies by analyzing case studies, develop new technical skills through in-depth workshop, share emerging best practices in AI and  future trends.  The depth and breadth of what's covered at the annual Global AI conference requires multiple tracks/sessions.  You can either follow one track from beginning to end or pick the individual sessions that most interest you.

ConditionsIn order to obtain a high-quality audience at the Conferences, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference reserves the right to revoke any purchased tickets from an attendee without explanation.If you have any questions concerning the event, please do not hesitate to contact or Call 408-400-3769

In Person:Data Science workshop using python

We recommend creating an account on CoCalc to code along in Jupyter notebook.We like to keep these sessions small to make sure everyone is able to ask questions and get help, so please RSVP on meetup to reserve your spot:This workshop is presented by theDevMasters:, A artificial intelligence company focus on consulting, training and product development.

Whether you are looking for educational enhancement, a salary boost, or a career change, we can help you achieve your goal in the shortest amount of time.theDevMasters, an Artificial Intelligence companyIrvine : 17875 Von Karman Ave Suite 122, CA 92614 -( 888-713-9711)Los Angeles : 2150 Park Pl #100, El Segundo, CA 90245 -( 888-713-9711)The best decisions are made with data.

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