AI News, 2018 new year resolutions to thrive in an Algorithmic World – Part 1 of 3

2018 new year resolutions to thrive in an Algorithmic World – Part 1 of 3

We often think of Data science and machine learning as skills essential to a niche group of researchers, data scientists, and developers.

As data science and algorithms get integrated into all aspects of businesses across industries, data science like Microsoft Excel will become ubiquitous and will serve as a handy tool which makes you better at your job no matter what your job is.

If you are big on new year resolutions, make yourself a promise to carve your place in the algorithm-powered world by becoming data science savvy.

1st Resolution: Learn the building blocks of data science If you are interested in starting a career in data science or in one that involves data, here is a simple learning roadmap for you to develop your technical skills.

Learn Python or any another popular data friendly programming language you find interesting (Learning period: 1 week – 2 months) If you see yourself as a data scientist in the near future, knowing a programming language is one of the first things to check off your list.

Learn what machine learning algorithms do and which ones to learn (Learning period: 1 month – 3 months) Machine Learning is a powerful tool to make predictions based on huge amounts of data.

According to a recent study, in the next ten years, ML algorithms are expected to replace a quarter of the jobs across the world, in fields like transport, manufacturing, architecture, healthcare and many others.

Learn TensorFlow, Keras, or any other popular machine learning framework (Learning period: 1 month – 3 months) After you have familiarized yourself with some of the machine learning algorithms, it is time you put that learning to practice by building models based on those algorithms.

While there are many cloud-based machine learning options that have click-based model building features available, the best way to learn a skill is to get your hands dirty.

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