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19 Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Dominate In 2018

In 2017, we published a popular post on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that would dominate that year, based on Forrester’s TechRadar report.

By providing algorithms, APIs (application programming interface), development and training tools, big data, applications and other machines, ML platforms are gaining more and more traction every day.

This last one is particularly interesting for one simple reason: Adext AI is the first and only audience management tool in the world that applies real AI and machine learning to digital advertising to find the most profitable audience or demographic group for any ad.

And if you haven’t seen them already, expect the imminent appearance and wide acceptance of AI-optimized silicon chips that can be inserted right into your portable devices and elsewhere.

Deep learning platforms use a unique form of ML that involves artificial neural circuits with various abstraction layers that can mimic the human brain, processing data and creating patterns for decision making.

It allows for more natural interactions between humans and machines, including interactions related to touch, image, speech and body language recognition, and is big within the market research field.

Their digital twins are mainly lines of software code, but the most elaborate versions look like 3-D computer-aided design drawings full of interactive charts, diagrams, and data points.

AI and ML are now being used to move cyberdefense into a new evolutionary phase in response to an increasingly hostile environment: Breach Level Index detected a total of over 2 billion breached records during 2017.

Recurrent neural networks, which are capable of processing sequences of inputs, can be used in combination with ML techniques to create supervised learning technologies, which uncover suspicious user activity and detect up to 85% of all cyber attacks.

Startups such as Darktrace, which pairs behavioral analytics with advanced mathematics to automatically detect abnormal behavior within organizations and Cylance, which applies AI algorithms to stop malware and mitigate damage from zero-day attacks, are both working in the area of AI-powered cyber defense.

Compliance is the certification or confirmation that a person or organization meets the requirements of accepted practices, legislation, rules and regulations, standards or the terms of a contract, and there is a significant industry that upholds it.

And the volume of transaction activities flagged as potential examples of money laundering can be reduced as deep learning is used to apply increasingly sophisticated business rules to each one.

Merlon Intelligence, a global compliance technology company that supports the financial services industry to combat financial crimes, and Socure, whose patented predictive analytics platform boosts customer acceptance rates while reducing fraud and manual reviews.

While some are rightfully concerned about AI replacing people in the workplace, let’s not forget that AI technology also has the potential to vastly help employees in their work, especially those in knowledge work.

Content creation now includes any material people contribute to the online world, such as videos, ads, blog posts, white papers, infographics and other visual or written assets.

Nano Vision, a startup that rewards users with cryptocurrency for their molecular data, aims to change the way we approach threats to human health, such as superbugs, infectious diseases, and cancer, among others.

Another player utilizing peer-to-peer networks and AI is Presearch, a decentralized search engine that’s powered by the community and rewards members with tokens for a more transparent search system.

And Affectiva’s Emotion AI is used in the gaming, automotive, robotics, education, healthcare industries, and other fields, to apply facial coding and emotion analytics from face and voice data.

It uses software to automate customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management, and streamlines repetitive tasks, allowing strategic minds to get back to doing what they do best.

If marketing is your jam, you may like to read this article with the 9 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing That Will Revolutionize Your Business One of the leaders in this field is Adext AI, whose audience management platform can boost ad spend efficiency by up to+83%% in just 10 days.

The software automates all the process of campaign management and optimization, making more than 480 daily adjustments per ad to super-optimize campaigns and managing budgets across multiple platforms and over 20 different demographic groups per ad.

Tackling artificial intelligence using architecture

] “Artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

In computer science AI research is defined as the study of 'intelligent agents': any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.” Much of the recent enthusiasm about AI has been the consequence of developments in deep learning, which is based on learning data representations, called neural networks, as opposed to task-specific algorithms.

Some of the key questions organizations ask related to the application of AI are things like “Where do we start?” “How do we mature the capabilities that will enhance our competitive advantage?” These are questions that business architects will help to answer when they map business strategy all the way to execution.” Enterprise and business architects are also becoming instrumental in designing future scenarios of these organizations using AI among others.

It includes the following value stages: 1- examine financial instruments available for a selected category, 2- select the evaluation criteria of the financial instruments, 3- evaluate all available financial instruments, 4- select the Quantity and Price for each Financial Instrument of the fund and 5- place orders of the selected financial instruments.

As shown at the bottom of figure 2 above, three critical enabling capabilities of the “Select Financial Instruments to Trade” value stream need to perform very well for AI to perform as well as the top quartile of the other competing funds in the selected category.

Applications, processes and requirements related to these three capabilities will need to be examined in detail to complete the design of this wealth management artificial intelligence strategic initiative.

Due to the high amount of capital involved and the uncertain timeframe of delivering a positive outcome, postponing the artificial intelligence initiative and stay ‘as is’ should not be excluded among the possible scenarios.

All artificial intelligence initiatives should always be examined in a similar systemic business and enterprise architecture approach, where the cross-functional knowledge of how your business runs is used to customize AI appropriately to drive specific business results.

During a flood, these drones can help identify water contamination

Across the country, solar panels are soaking up sun rays and converting their energy into electricity, but without a good handle on their locations and capabilities, these scattered and unpredictable power generators also create headaches.

Without thorough data, utility companies can’t plan their energy needs, solar installers don’t know the ideal areas for more panels and lawmakers can’t incentivize adoption of renewables.

Rather than a person laboriously teaching a computer to locate features of an image, their computer teaches itself using huge quantities of images.

Each tile contained 102,400 pixels, and the neural network classified each pixel in each tile, judging whether it was likely part of a solar panel, or not.

Once DeepSolar had identified a pixel that it recognized as a solar panel, the network could use that information in concert with the pixels located nearby to calculate the size of solar installations across the country.

Another surprising result, Rajagopal said, was that solar panel adoption was higher in areas of increasing average household income, until the average reached about $150,000 per year.

“It really shows which parts of the country are likely to have solar panels and which can gain from solar panels.” That, he said, is incredibly useful information for a wide range of people.

Utility managers could use the information to plan for their own power production in the short term (less on sunny days, more when heavy clouds block the sky).

In Germany, energy overloads due to the rapid adoption of renewables have spawned power surges and occasional increases in carbon emissions from fossil-fuel plants.

Hobart man uses AI to help businesses, government, sports teams predict the future

“It’s all about predicting probability.” That means Bashta can give that trucking company, that basketball team, and that school a pretty good idea of the probability of any of those things bad things happening and, with the help of their own data, he can make some pretty good recommendations of action to take to avoid disaster.

And the school — several schools, actually — can steer certain students from certain curriculum and better insure their success, thanks to data much of which they already had at their disposal but didn’t know how to capitalize on.

“That is, we blend it together and provide them with a) insight on what their data is telling them, and b) foresight for their organization.” Axicor draws that data from its customers’ own data storing equipment, such as  diagnostics logs, general data bases, customer relationship management technology and enterprise resource planning software.

Or, it will seek out data available elsewhere as appropriate, whether it’s from Google, government databases, the 'internet of things' — the place where computerized sensors, smart devices and other computer-activated applications store their data — and even social media.

It’s far from scientific data, but if a couple people thousands of miles away report teacups rattling on their shelves, it might tell you something is coming, and all it takes is for a computer to recognize a couple of useful things among all of the millions of tweets going out each day.

Axicor can round up all of your data, teach the computer to recognize anomalies and even teach the computer through algorithms to self-teach, so it gets better at making predictions as time passes and learns to seek out other useful data sets on its own.

Harder than predicting the ways of machines is predicting human behavior, but Bashta’s company has delved into that, too, working to help a unit of government in Argentina protect itself against fraud and even to help the Australian Veterans Administration with suicide prevention measures.

Axicor’s research determined sufficient data is available just in the public domain to build a predictive model to determine the factors that can contribute to the crisis, identify the communities that are on the tail end of the opioid death distribution and are likely to become a problem location, and forecast the number of opioid-related deaths at a given location, Bashta says.

What makes Axicor unique is that it puts the tool in the hands of anybody, whether it’s a mom-and-pop wholesale operation, a farm, a transportation company, a factory, a sports team, a unit of government or anybody else that could benefit from data analysis.

What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

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