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Hottest Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Many companies are waiting for 2020, as the whole world once waited for 2000.

This is evidenced by surveys of recent years, which are aimed at customer expectations from 2020 and helps to launch new business and startups.

The marketing industry is growing faster but blockchain indsutry faster.

By 2020, it should acquire a new look, since the behavior of users on the network has changed significantly.

General advertising campaign trends 2-3 years ago, it was beneficial to focus on TV and radio advertising.

can be seen on the graphs, up to 30 years, people are more and more time devoting to smartphones than TV.

Moreover, at the beginning of advertising, most simply switch the channel, respectively, the efficiency drops.

Increasing the cost of the Samsonite Worldwide marketing campaign. Source of the image On the example of Samsonite Worldwide, it can be seen that advertising costs increase significantly every year.

This is due to the need to reach a large audience, general changes in the global economy and other reasons.

Digital marketing significantly prevails financially over traditional ones, like billboards and newspapers.

In 2018, the United States spent about $ 203 billion on digital marketing.

Expectations from AI's influence on digital marketing Today, all digital marketing is focused on mobile phones and applications, as well as the Internet.

In the future, this trend will continue, but a huge emphasis will be placed on using artificial intelligence.

This involves analyzing requests, core interests and even an emotional relationship to a particular product..

Implementation of AI in marketing As it was said, great emphasis will be placed on the use of artificial intelligence, therefore, first of all, we will consider where and how to implement this idea.

Voice search Voice input exists not the first year, however, users in 90% of cases complained of poor quality.

Very often, the smartphone or the search engine itself could not clearly process the sound, because incomprehensible requests appeared.

Most of the services successfully process requests with speech defects or even unclear words of a child.

For example, the user will write 'the best sushi of New York', but he will say: 'Where to eat delicious sushi?'.

So far, they can not fully cope without the help of people, but 10 years ago no one could imagine such a thing.

The process assumes that the AI studies all the subtleties of human communication and analyzes whether an online post is positive, negative or neutral.

Many tools can correctly recognize both direct assertion and satire or irony, marking them accordingly.

designers and developers are breaking their heads in order to make the service as simple as possible for users.

all this statistics, many marketers understand that video is not a bubble at all, but an effective way to attract attention.

At the age of 20-35, users spend an average of one and a half hours a day checking all social networks.

But if you analyze, the entire audience on any service is segmented according to different indicators, such as demography, interests, or geographical distribution.

Content personalization will remain, as it allows you to offer products and services to a suitable audience much faster.

Understanding future trends and their skillful use makes digital marketing a major tool for brand promotion, and hence business.