AI News, 10 Steps to Implementing AI in Your Gym

Is Lunchclub AI Networking the Next Big Thing?

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How is AI revolutionizing the Fitness Industry?

In addition to the smart wearable (Apple Watch, Fitbit, and more), which may help you track your fitness, personal AI trainers are also gaining in popularity at an unparalleled rate.

Human pose estimation systems detect and evaluate the posture of the human body using three analytical methods:

Contours modeling: This employs the body's raw breadth and extremities to display a person's figure's rectangular border boxes.

Modeling Volume: This analytical approach employs 3D body scans to capture the body using geometric meshes and forms.

Zenia is the best example of an AI-based fitness application that uses human pose estimation technology to enable users to do yoga in the proper way.Individual Yoga Instructors help students continually to adjust their position and maintain every yoga stance.

Zenia works by downloading a new user and installing the software using a camera on its smartphone, creating an account, and placing the camera with a full-size view of the yoga practice area.

The reason behind the huge success of Freeletics is that the application produces a customized exercise from more than 3.5 million possibilities for every user.

Smart Wearables Asensei developed a range of intelligent clothing with black compression shirts and pants each containing five inertial sensors.

We have numerous uses for sporting programs, in particular, sport in vast areas, where it is difficult, for example on golf courses and in baseball fields, to employ precise camera coverage.

Wearable X is the future of wellness, which combines design, technology, and a new fashion to produce a better quality of life.

You have no excuse to leave your workout whether you are on a business tour, on a family vacation, or for whatever reason away from your regular abode.

AI-driven diet planning The use of AI in fitness applications adds extra value to your diet and meal planning efforts.

The data modeling is based on scientific data, human life coaches' experiences, body composition figures, adherence to the diet plan, weight change rates, hunger, tiredness, and other specific indicators.

HealthifyMe's artificial intellectual virtual assistant 'Ria' is a prominent health and fitness application in India and addresses fitness and nutrition concerns for its users in as many as zehn languages.

The software uses data taken from these devices to develop the algorithm that is freely available by its users as compatibility with major physical fitness trackers.

Fitness enthusiasts and amateurs can be included in various fitness devices and wardrobes to help them create individualized fitness objectives based on a wide range of criteria.

Today, we have several AI-powered mobile applications with AI assistants to offer fitness and eating habits to individuals.Some of these applications also assist their users track their everyday fitness.

Can AI Beat the Market? 10 Stocks to Watch

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't new to the world of stock picking, but it hasn't really been an option for retail investors.

Traditionally, powerful artificial intelligence systems – and the high-octane brainpower needed to develop and run them – that target stocks to watch have been available only to hedge funds, quant funds and a select group of asset management firms.

Danel Capital, a financial advice company, aims to change all that.  Danel boasts a new analytics platform that harnesses the power of big data technology and machine learning.

In a backtest run from Jan. 1, 2017, through Nov. 16, 2020, an equally weighted portfolio of U.S. stocks with perfect 10 Smart Scores – rebalanced every 90 market days – delivered a cumulative gain of 128%.