AI News, 10 reasons why you should learn data analytics

10 reasons why you should learn data analytics

Data analytics is now a priority for top organizations With market competition stiffening, top organizations are turning to data analytics to identify new market opportunities for their services and products.

Increasing job opportunities As companies begin to realize that they have no capacity to comprehensively gather, interpret and use data, they are beginning to look for specialists who can do so.

If you look at all the major job opportunity platforms such as Indeed and Dice, you will see that there are increasing number of job postings looking for data analysts and consultants.

Increasing pay for data analytics professionals As the demand steadily increases and the supply remains low, data analytics professionals are getting paid more and more.

Big data analytics is everywhere Just as it has become imperative to use computers in today’s workplace, the use data analytics professionals to foster growth is slowly catching on.

You will be at the core of decision-making in the company One of the leading causes of job place dissatisfaction is that most employees feel as if they do not have any decision-making power.

In fact, you will be an integral part of business decisions and future strategies, thus giving you an important role and purpose within the organization.

Adoption rate of big data analytics is high Just as companies started turning to social media for brand advertising and customer engagement, they have also started turning to data analytics as well.

Data analytics, being that it is a matter of studying numbers, trends, and data in general, gives you the perfect opportunity to become a well-paid freelancer or consultant for some of the biggest firms in the world.

Develop new revenue streams With your ability to analyze and put good data information to good use, you can easily identify new and unexploited streams of revenue generation.

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