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The 3 Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy Now for Your Portfolio

As demand for storage and memory grows across AI applications -- including cloud data centers, self-driving cars, and 5G phones -- through the 2020s, the storage and memory industry should grow along with it.

The fact that the company dominates the market for supplying discrete graphics processing units (GPUs) for computer gaming is simply a great side benefit.  Within less than a decade, management has masterfully transformed NVIDIA into a major AI player.

It involves a machine or device applying what it's learned in its training to new data.)  NVIDIA has been profiting mightily from data center AI applications for the past few years, and is in the earlier stages of profiting from many burgeoning AI-driven growth trends that promise to be huge, including smart homes, driverless vehicles, smart cities, and drones.

Combine that fact with a founder-CEO who's shrewd, agile, and determined to win and the stock seems poised to keep on winning. And pay no attention to Wall Street's relatively modest 10.7% annualized earnings growth projection for the next five years.

Saleforce's Einstein AI software is integrated into its offerings so that even small businesses can use the technology to make individualized product recommendations, create an email marketing campaign with personalized messages, implement chatbots for website help, and provide guidance to service representatives working on solving customer problems.

Salesforce President and Chief Product Officer Bret Taylor said recently that Einstein is 'really our main differentiator,' a rather startling statement from a company that's been growing revenue at a 26% compound annual growth rate.  Of the 32 million orders made on the company's platform during Cyber Week last year, over 10% were  driven by Einstein recommendations, and the software is doing over 10 billion predictions per day.

AI is critical to the rapidly growing company's expectation that it'll double its revenue in the next four years, and Salesforce stock gives investors an opportunity to profit as AI technology permeates business processes around the globe.

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