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Artificial Intelligence MSc

A UK 2:1 honours degree, or its international equivalent, in informatics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, electrical engineering, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, physics or psychology.

During your degree you must have completed the equivalent to 60 credits of mathematics that have typically covered the following subjects/topics: calculus (differentiation and integration), linear algebra (vectors and multi-dimensional matrices), discrete mathematics and mathematical reasoning (e.g.

We accept the following English language qualifications at the grades specified: Your English language qualification must be no more than three and a half years old from the start date of the programme you are applying to study, unless you are using IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic or Trinity ISE, in which case it must be no more than two years old.

Assistant Professors Artificial Intelligence (Tenure Track) 1,0 fte

We offer a tenure track position (0.8 - 1.0 FTE) for five years in an international working environment.Successful candidates receive a tenure track position, which is turned into a permanent position when our tenure requirements are met (these are available upon request).

In addition, Tilburg University offers excellent secondary conditions, including an options model for terms and conditions of employment.

Global Artificial Intelligence Conference Boston October 2019

Large amount of data created by various mobile platforms, social media interactions, e-commerce transactions, and IoT provide an opportunity for businesses to effectively tailor their services by effective use of AI.

You Get To Meet You get to meet technical experts, Senior , VC and C-level executives from leading innovators in the AI space (Executives from startups to large corporations will be at our conference.) Who Should Attend: CEO, EVP/SVP/VP, C-Level, Director, Global Head, Manager, Decision-makers, Business Executives responsible for AI Intiatives, Heads of Innovation, Heads of Product Development, Analysts, Project managers, Analytics managers, Data Scientist, Statistian, Sales, Marketing, human resources, Engineers, AI &

Software Developers, VCs/Investors, AI Consultants and Service Providers, Architects, Networking specialists, Students, Professional Services, Data Analyst, BI Developer/Architect, QA, Performance Engineers, Data Warehouse Professional, Sales, Pre Sales, Technical Marketing, PM, Teaching Staff, Delivery Manager and other line-of-business executives What you will learn You'll get up to speed on emerging techniques and technologies by analyzing case studies, develop new technical skills through in-depth workshop, share emerging best practices in AI and future trends.

ConditionsIn order to obtain a high-quality audience at the Conferences, Global Artificial Intelligence Conference reserves the right to revoke any purchased tickets from an attendee without explanation.If you have any questions concerning the event, please do not hesitate to contact or Call 408-400-3769

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